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  3. Made it to Super Saiyan God rank! Vegito rules!!

User Info: Dainebag

3 months ago#1

The match that I ranked up to Super Saiyan God!
Vegito is hands down the most fun character in this game. He just disrespects the opponent with those throws and keeps putting the back in the corner.

@Avalon64 thought you might wanna watch this match to see some of the Vegito tech and overall gameplan since I know you picked him up recently :)

(No idea why I popped sparking when I did, got a little over-excited haha)

User Info: Avalon64

3 months ago#2
oh why thank you lol, I'll give it a watch when I get home, I'm honoured that you thought of me

yeah he really is ALOT of fun even when he's the only one left, your assists are down, dammit I am at LEAST gonna go down in style! Lol

I find conditioning my opponent helps alot, sometimes go for overheads that the opponent thinks oh he's gonna try and overhead me again and stop blocking low, only for them to be hit by that 2M lol
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User Info: GodzGift42

3 months ago#3
congrats. Glad you stuck with him, as you did find him underwhelming at first.

Edit: Damn, that fight was BUST ASS
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User Info: Burchyplus

3 months ago#4
Christ, you really was on form yesterday..he didn't even have the option to fight back until he popped sparking at the end.
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  3. Made it to Super Saiyan God rank! Vegito rules!!
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