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  3. C/D: Jiren, Dabura and Super Broly are all locks for Season 2 DLC.

User Info: Tucker_BA

3 months ago#21
I've posted it before, but I think season 2 will look like this:

Tournament of Power Pack:
Jiren and Kefla

Origins Pack:
Kid Goku and either Roshi, King Piccolo or Pilaf in the Pilaf Machine

GT Pack:
Pick two: SSJ4 Gogeta, Pan or Omega Shenron

Sub-villains Pack:
Pick two: Raditz, Zarbon, Dr. Gero or Dabura

User Info: RonBurgundy1970

3 months ago#22
My hope is for.

Ui goku
Dabura or janemba
SS blue evolution vegeta
The dangerous trio
Now I'll show you the Kaioken!!

User Info: RoboP

3 months ago#23
Lionheart1019 posted...
Assuming there will be a Season 2, then yea. C. I'd go with Kefla, or Caulifa w/ Kale and an install to Kefla. Here's my list.

- Jiren
- UI Goku
- Roshi
- Kefla
- Zarbon
- Raditz
- Dabura
- Super Buu/Gogeta/Satan

I think this would be a good balance of characters with actual fights from the whole series.

No Videl, Chi-Chi or Bulma. Nothing against those characters, but as fighters they had minimal impact on the series' actual battles.

SSBE Vegeta would be pretty redundant, but they could make him work like they did Base Vegeta. Toppo is a maybe, but I think Jiren covers the pride troopers well enough on his own.

I like your list of potential ideas for S2 here's a little thought.
If they have to pick any other Z era characters from the movies I would pick.


I don't care for Bojack or Super Android 13 and would anyone really want Lord Slug?

IF we have ones from OG DB,Master Roshi and Mercenary Tao Pai Pai in his cyborg form.
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  3. C/D: Jiren, Dabura and Super Broly are all locks for Season 2 DLC.
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