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  3. C/D: Jiren, Dabura and Super Broly are all locks for Season 2 DLC.

User Info: DK9292

3 months ago#1
I'd also add either Caulifla with Kale assists or Kefla, but it's a one-or-the-other situation.

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User Info: Lionheart1019

3 months ago#2
Assuming there will be a Season 2, then yea. C. I'd go with Kefla, or Caulifa w/ Kale and an install to Kefla. Here's my list.

- Jiren
- UI Goku
- Roshi
- Kefla
- Zarbon
- Raditz
- Dabura
- Super Buu/Gogeta/Satan

I think this would be a good balance of characters with actual fights from the whole series.

No Videl, Chi-Chi or Bulma. Nothing against those characters, but as fighters they had minimal impact on the series' actual battles.

SSBE Vegeta would be pretty redundant, but they could make him work like they did Base Vegeta. Toppo is a maybe, but I think Jiren covers the pride troopers well enough on his own.
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User Info: k_goku

3 months ago#3
Jiren, of course (with UI Goku, probably).
But Dabura and new Broly. They have a big chance, but locks? Nope, IMO. I think Kefla has more chances than both.

And I would love to have Dabura.

User Info: DBZAOTA482

3 months ago#4

Jiren is a lock but Dabura and Super Broly are not. Dabura has largely been ignored in recent games and the new Broly movie isn't even out yet so chances are ArcSystem couldn't anticipate it's release.
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User Info: KaiserGX64

3 months ago#5
Would if be weird if Dabura came with Babadi as an assist (or maybe the other way around)? I feel like I'd want to see the other demons there as moves, or just have Babadi in the game in some way to interact with Buu.

User Info: legendaryss4

3 months ago#6
Dabura should've been in the base game.
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User Info: hyjinx17

3 months ago#7
As of right now super broly better not be DLC. Everything I've seen in trailers shows him fighting the exact same way as the Broly we have. Big heavy hits while tanking s*** to the face.
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User Info: Syggys

3 months ago#8
big D
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User Info: Rhio2k

3 months ago#9
I want New Broly.

User Info: Black-Isz

3 months ago#10
legendaryss4 posted...
Dabura should've been in the base game.


Rhio2k posted...
I want New Broly.

Well, they have already opened the floodgates with multiple Gokus/Vegetas, so they can add as many versions of a character as they want.

Broly/Super Broly/SSJ4 Broly
Kid Gohan/Teen Gohan/Adult Gohan
Base Cooler/Final Form Cooler/Metal Cooler
Imperfect Cell/Semi-Perfect Cell/Perfect Cell
Majin Buu/Super Buu/Kid Buu
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  3. C/D: Jiren, Dabura and Super Broly are all locks for Season 2 DLC.
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