el hermano

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User Info: Wazzupguys

6 months ago#11
El Hermano for Dragon Ball FighterZ 2

User Info: bcornelia

6 months ago#12
Winkles acknowledge you.

User Info: Black-Isz

6 months ago#13
Cell Dorado is better.

User Info: scaler24

6 months ago#14
Gohan Calvo (Completado) kicks his ass every day.
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User Info: molokoveloocet0

6 months ago#15
Who is... El Hermano?

¿Mí Hermano? He's right over there.
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User Info: Supremo

6 months ago#16
El Hermano es muy fuerte
Every moment gives us a chance to become more than what we are. - Ryu

User Info: lolamericans

6 months ago#17
krilin calvo when?

User Info: Denizen_Of_Dark

6 months ago#18
Ssj4 shaggy Rojo all day
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