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  3. Vegito Blue and Zamasu... How do you follow that up?

User Info: bcornelia

9 months ago#21
They just have to make base Goku and Vegeta feel distinct enough gameplay-wise. Go for a much more overhauled moveset compared to what the Blue variants attempted.
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User Info: Grimlock1990

9 months ago#22
serpentaurus posted...
super hotshot bowser posted...
biako06 posted...
How sick will the base forms have to be for people to overlook the fact that Caulifla or Kale should have been next... or even Master Roshi would be more hype.

The only answer is Oozaru's Foot.

(1 min 35 seconds)


android 18 shooting missiles out of her ass got me lmao

Geez that brings back some memories... not good ones. Makes extreme butoden look absolutely amazing by comparison.

User Info: Mochzuki

9 months ago#23
By making all the characters that follow either equal to or greater than Black, A. Gohan, A. 16 and Bardock. Sure they might not be "hype" but if they are crazy good? That's all they need. I gave zero effs about 16 but as soon as I saw how good he was? I decided to create teams with him in it and him and Nappa are my LEAST played characters. Hype and popularity doesn't build/carry a character on a fighting game. Their moveset, gameplay, and strategy does.
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  3. Vegito Blue and Zamasu... How do you follow that up?
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