Broccoli trailer

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User Info: ShadowRaiden00

1 week ago#1
Black Chapters

User Info: GujinKami

1 week ago#2
I like that car break noise he makes when sliding on the rocks.

User Info: goldenboy1867

1 week ago#3
Very interesting....
Are you saying I can run from a bullet?

User Info: DNC88

1 week ago#4
Awesome! Looks pretty badass!
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User Info: Blusmj

1 week ago#5
Was it just me or did he look a little wonky?

User Info: RoyMustang1990

1 week ago#6
Release him already >=>
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User Info: Blaziner

1 week ago#7
Ahhh ha ha ha ha haaa

User Info: MLMcCone

1 week ago#8
I hope his moveset is a little better than what they show
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