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User Info: Sam-os_IMP

9 months ago#21
Piccolo had a rough go of it as well.

User Info: Sethera

9 months ago#22
FinalFantasyIV posted...
Garlic Jr saga

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User Info: infamyzombie

9 months ago#23
obv Trunks, he keeps going back to the past for help to save his own timeline
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User Info: PrismUFO

9 months ago#24
Vegeta had an "easy" life, because was helped by the fact that all that mattered was strenght at that moment. But having to live with Nappa and take daily humiliation from fat ass Doria and Zarbon must have been really hard for someone as prideful as him.
Also, seeing what he became, maybe he wasn't really happy in fact.

Gohan got used to the desert, he grew to like his time with Piccolo, he didn't see Goku die the first time, really, the worst thing that happened to him was living in such a lost territory, far from any school.

Voted Trunks.

User Info: ShadowRaiden00

9 months ago#25
Gohan got his dad killed twice, one was his fault

Vegeta was beaten to death by his dad's killer and slave owner

Trunks lost most of his life before he even knew it

Trunk's dad is also Vegeta

Trunks had it worse, he lost the most and he had the least control over it
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User Info: rickel

9 months ago#26
Vegeta shed the most tears in Dbz, however Trunks had the hardest life. One family member that was alive got killed by Goku Black smh.
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User Info: Burchyplus

9 months ago#27
What are their lives like before the ToP?

Gohan: enjoying a life of luxury as a professor of.... Something with his billionaire wife and new born child who is so carefree he spends his free time playing dress up and beating down the local peasants just trying to get by.

Vegeta: enjoying a life of luxury with his billionaire wife, never having to work, does anything he wants. Yet he crosses his arms and sulks while at Disney land insisting he's not having a good time because Bulma won't buy him an ice cream or something. His biggest problem in life is that he has to cuddle his new born second child in secret because he's so insecure with his masculinity that he can't do it in public.

Trunks: living in an alternative universe surrounded by the familiar faces of strangers as they are all slightly different in some way. He gets to see his dead mum again but can't help but notice she's left handed now for some reason.
He can't even have a normal relationship with Mai (the only girl he's ever known btw) because just as he's getting used to the fact that she's actually older than his mum he comes "home" one day to find her in bed with "alternative Trunks", by "accident" of course.

Yeah, trunks wins.
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User Info: FinalFantasyIV

9 months ago#28
Sethera posted...
FinalFantasyIV posted...
Garlic Jr saga


The Vegeta scenes were great

User Info: morenthal

9 months ago#29
Vegeta because Bulma (the voice actress) died and there is no way to bring her back.

User Info: Sega9599

9 months ago#30
FinalFantasyIV posted...
Sethera posted...
FinalFantasyIV posted...
Garlic Jr saga


The Vegeta scenes were great

The scene where chi chi attacks Gohan is great also
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