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  3. wish more games would have an actual block button

User Info: AiRxJones

11 months ago#21
dabomb3000 posted...
Eww. Please no. I hate fighters with a block button. That BS is for the birds lol
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User Info: LethalFatality

11 months ago#22
Block button is for dumb gaijin xDDD

User Info: donkeyjack

11 months ago#23
https://imgur.com/ZUoAQPz https://imgur.com/lAChWRO

User Info: krazyshot1

11 months ago#24
nehukog posted...
Not sure why all fighting games switched to hitting back on the D-pad to block.

Lol @ this!
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User Info: BrownGotti

11 months ago#25
MK3 had both a block and run button. LOL!!

User Info: MAthrilla

11 months ago#26
In a 2D fighter? Back to block all the way. The block button only exist just to be different for different sakes, and holds absolutely no beneficial value other than "tradition." The only game where back to block feels unresponsive in in Injustice, but that's because NRS aren't that adapt at programming

User Info: MindwalkerX

11 months ago#27
GujinKami posted...
You exempt cross-ups from being a thing entirely with the inclusion of a block button. It's why when Scorpion came out on Injustice he was such a degenrate character.

Block buttons belong in games built around them, like Soul Calibur and Mortal Kombat, but not in fast anime fighters like this.
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User Info: Guess-Who

11 months ago#28
I hate block button.

User Info: WaywardBiscuit

11 months ago#29
Having a Block buttons is a horrible horrible idea
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User Info: Goji

11 months ago#30
I do agree with block not seeming to register half the time.

It's really hard to train yourself to hit the direction you intend to hit on a dpad; if a tiny piece of your thumb is even grazing the up or down D-Pad when trying to press back it will completely change the block you're trying to do, or null your attempt at blocking entirely. Also, not everything that is an overhead looks like an overhead, so that can confuse you into thinking block isn't working as well.

Still, cross-ups are a big part of the strategy in this game, and a block button would make them irrelevant.
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  3. wish more games would have an actual block button
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