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User Info: LazarusNecrosis

11 months ago#61
@Naruzeldamaster posted...
That's a good tip, think I'll be in the training room most of the day tomorrow.
Any ideas on getting the hang of cancelling?
By which I mean, doing your 'next' move during the animation of your current one.
Often times I'll drop a combo because I'm either mashing too fast or too slow.
I feel like it's a timing thing, but again, A21 is kinda weird when it comes to normals.
Her 2M for example has crazy range, and tracking, so I've been trying to play with that.
Her 2H has quite a bit of range too (well only slightly more than most) and it somewhat has a bit of a hitbox over her head (say if an opponent dashes in at an angle between 8 and 9) it'll hit, during the animation.

For canceling into moves, you input the move as soon as the attack before it starts, not when it hits. Luckily for us (I also suck at inputs) the timing to cancel into a special is very forgiving in this game.

Once you go into Training and get the 236S motion down, you can work on canceling by just trying L, M, 236S. As soon as you see the animation for the M start, do the 236S and you'll know you weren't late if the combo counter keeps counting. You can also set the AI to "Guard Follow-Ups" and if you're late the AI will block your Kamehameha.

Can't say much about A21 since I haven't unlocked her yet, but I do know how awesome it is that her 2H hits above her head and her 2M is almost as good as Kid Buu.
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User Info: DrunkenPilot72

11 months ago#62
21 is best at mid range where her 2M can snipe grounded opponents with impunity. Emphasis on mid range as her BnB is fishing for confirms with 2M then converting into 5H > Dive Bomb loops:

2M5H > HD > j.LML > JC > j.LMS > Dive Bomb > assist > HD > j.LML > JC > j.LMS > Super

The trick is calling the assist at the same time you hit that aerial S before inputting the command for her dive bomb.

Keep in mind that 2M is a mid range move for grounded opponents, you will lose all day every day against opponents at point blank range or aerial foes if you rely too heavily on 2M. At close range her 2L can be mashed for that 2M conversion. 2H is her vanilla AA but be sure to cancel it into a 214L > assist to keep 21 safe if it is blocked.

If you want to harass from the air, j.M is by far her best air to air normal while j.H is best for hitting grounded opponents.

Overall 21 has amazing normals but they have to be used properly. She has a better set of normals than most of the cast but she isn't as gifted as Cell, A.Gohan or Black where most of their buttons beat everyone's for free. Try to keep the fight at mid range where she is strongest.
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User Info: Skuld

7 months ago#63
Thanks for the info.

User Info: BackwardCap

6 months ago#64

User Info: DragonGirlYuki

4 months ago#65
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