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User Info: Dark_Despair

1 year ago#21
kkeevv posted...
Shadow Flare posted...
can we get an update? Are these stage specific or chapter specific etc because I've tried these combos and sometimes I get nothing

They're arc specific, but beyond that I don't believe so. You'd have to ask the people I credited though, I couldn't even put up with the game long enough to unlock all of the interactions.

Lol I got to this point after clearing the story yesterday...but I am so close to getting 100% in each of the first 2 arcs.

Shadow Flare posted...
I've teamed up Piccolo & Yamcha 3 times now and haven't gotten a scene. Same for a few of the other combos

I'll link the video to see if it will help you but some of these are broken down into regular clone fights, some are boss battles.
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User Info: ImpulseKid86

1 year ago#23
EDIT - Never mind. Finally got the Gohan/Krillin/Ginyu animation to trigger by approaching Frieza on Map 12. Wasn't sure if it would work since Frieza is placed ahead of Ginyu in their pairing
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User Info: Skuld

9 months ago#25
Who posted #22?
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