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User Info: Guzzlord

2 years ago#1
Welp, that didn't take long, now that the PC version is out.


As we can see, the choices are pretty simple, but also entertaining. We get:

The Obvious Saiyan duo: Broly and Bardock,
Movie Fan Favorite: Janemba
Tournament of Power newcomers: Kefla, Toppo, Jiren
Original DB : Kid Goku
And.. probably the most unexpected one, Xenoverse 2's most recent addition: Fuu. Yep, he's eventually joining FighterZ, so prepare to like the character.

Source is anonymous, but I can vouch for the guy who sent me this is reliable. He also discovered Fuu in XV2 before it was announced.

What do you think?

User Info: biako06

2 years ago#2
You awful, awful people! ;>

User Info: Darkside_Hazuki

2 years ago#3
Guzzlord posted...
Tournament of Power newcomers: Kefla, Toppo, Jiren

What a waste. Fu sucks too. I'd take freakin' Zarbon or Nam over these bums.
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User Info: ArgoSexyMan

2 years ago#4
That’s fine by me
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User Info: NightMareBunny

2 years ago#5
what is it with modern gamers and wanting everything now now now?

they can't wait they just gotta hack that crap and datamine the files to unlock some hidden secrets

it's equal to kids just ripping into their christmas presents ahead of time and sneaking into their parent's closet because they just couldn't stand to wait any longer
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User Info: hydrobot

2 years ago#6
Jiren and Toppo? Too good to be true. This is therefore false.
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User Info: TheAlphaItachi

2 years ago#7
The God of Storm 4 , God of Dragonball , and Lord of all guardians in Destiny is upon you , behold the God of Gaming

User Info: MinatoNarukam

2 years ago#8
If this is true... honestly this seems like an ok set.

Fan Faves, Marketing picks, and a "new" character to finish it off. Seems like the best way to have the pack.
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User Info: Demonhacker1

2 years ago#9
Fuu made it in over Mr. Satan, or Master Roshi?
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User Info: Guzzlord

2 years ago#10
Come to think of it, I just noticed there's no Vegetto on there. Which is weird, but then I remembered there's Kefla to satisfy the Fusion fans.

This won't end well with the fandom..
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