Max: MVCI is better, DBFZ is too simple and no depth

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  3. Max: MVCI is better, DBFZ is too simple and no depth

User Info: TechN9ne316

1 month ago#1

User Info: Dack_Lancer

1 month ago#2
ehhh auto combos
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User Info: haku10

1 month ago#3
Max isnt really that good or knowledgeable when it comes to ASW fighters. Not ragging on him, its just the truth.
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User Info: Matthewm1988

1 month ago#4
His opinion.
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User Info: scaler24

1 month ago#5
No s***. Gameplay is literally the only thing MvCI has going for it. Everything else is subpar.
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User Info: Mr Bogard

Mr Bogard
1 month ago#6
After playing it all morning I have to agree.
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User Info: Syggys

1 month ago#7
Depth doesn't necessarily translate to fun. I found mvci really boring.
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User Info: KlRBEH

1 month ago#8
Thats not what he said but sure

User Info: BryanPS360

1 month ago#9
KlRBEH posted...
Thats not what he said but sure

Seriously, guys. Watch the clips.

All he said is that he personally prefers the gameplay in MvC:I and that the most complexity you'll find in DB Fighterz are stance cancels with Hit.

He didn't say the game was devoid of any depth whatsoever and he didn't outright declare that MvC: I is the superior game.
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User Info: GodzGift42

1 month ago#10
Not sure if this thread is satire because of the influx of unnecasary Max threads, or if Tc is just an attention whore.
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  3. Max: MVCI is better, DBFZ is too simple and no depth

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