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  3. According to Zenos' 2nd costume...

User Info: cescfabregas4

1 month ago#1
So it will be released later on. However I wonder what his offline crystal A rank icon would be? Since it always shows the character‘s 2nd costume...
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User Info: satat317

1 month ago#2
What's his 2nd costume?
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User Info: Fenris30

1 month ago#3
We don't know yet. I suspect since it's close to Shadowbringers(early access is June 28, actual game July 2nd, and since they are giving the Arcade costume in 'Late June') we're going to be seeing it before we play the expansion-and it might end up a small hint to what's to come like what happened with Y'shtola.

Her rework happened before the ShB trailer, so people were wondering why she went CNJ/THM suddenly where in Stormblood she didn't...turns out it's a Shadowbringers thing, so they dropped a little preview of it before we even saw the trailer. Now this isn't a massive spoiler IMO since scions are known to job change(Thancred is on his 3rd), so Y'shtola picking up some black magic isn't weird so much as it was a little teaser on what was to come in the game.

Zenos' next costume might be like this. It's unlikely to be his 4.2 outfit since there's no reason to wait on that, it's unlikely to be Elezenos or the Garlean he's probably going to sneak back in the capital in, for two reasons-one, new costumes I notice do not vary in size(characters are built with hit/hurtboxes in mind in fighting games), and two, those models are pretty generic in XIV for those models. Given he's going to likely still be Zenos sized, it seems to be almost a hint that he will be regaining his body in ShB. Now what he's going to be wearing? I don't know.

All that said I think like Y'shtola it's not going to be some Ginormous Super-Spoiler especially since it takes time to get through the main story(not to mention he's due to be in XIV '5.0 And Beyond' according to Yoshi-P), but more of a preview of something.
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  3. According to Zenos' 2nd costume...