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User Info: BahamutX978

7 months ago#1
Just announced on stream

Bored of my old sig

User Info: LewsTherin

7 months ago#2
Well then...

User Info: SirDood18

7 months ago#3
She looks so good in hd! I'm getting the season pass now, wow. I feel pretty satisfied with this reveal.
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User Info: liamx2000

7 months ago#4
She looked amazing ! Can't wait.
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User Info: Vanitas_Remnant

7 months ago#5
Never been so happy to be wrong

Angelo combos look awesome
I feel a draft on my butt

User Info: richy90

7 months ago#6
Oh, what a surprise, LOL

Let the salt begins.

User Info: Razgriz85

7 months ago#7
maybe this confirms that every major final fantasy title will have 4 reps?
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User Info: LewsTherin

7 months ago#8
Kudos to you xeno for your undying faith. n_n

User Info: Booglee

7 months ago#9

waifu confirmed

User Info: AllHalliwell

7 months ago#10
I legit cried... So happy...!
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  3. New Character is Rinoa
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