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  3. Desperate for a beta code? Some dude's giving away 2500 of them.

User Info: Makio

1 year ago#41
m0rningstar posted...
Got a code from here


yay thank you!
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User Info: UnKnown107

1 year ago#42
Nibiruhero posted...
Its weird that they are giving out so many beta codes, hopefully these aren't hacked codes that risks other players and Square Enix makes an announcement saying that they are banning these users later. I mean someone giving out 2,500 another 12,000 as well as those who are signing up to receive a beta code as well as those who attended EVO that have already received codes themselves.

Not sure how a closed beta works regarding the quantity of players are allowed to test a game.

. this is the first beta where ive seen codes given out like this but I've never heard of a real way to hack codes

User Info: Raiden_white

1 year ago#43
Nibiruhero has a point. 12 000 codes appearing from nowhere actually seems suspicious.

User Info: Nibiruhero

1 year ago#44
Yeah, I'm just suspicious just incase if they're illegal or something. Prompting Square Enix to throw out bans. I remember games radar saying on their twitter that they had teamed up with SE and said that they were giving out free 2500 codes now they have 12,000, as well as that post in /v/ which appeared in 4chan

Or similarly like those promotions some sites give out for online games where it says earn paid currency for free. When the developers notice they ban these players that downloaded these illegal systems. Kind of like that.

Then again Square really does want this game to become popular. So who knows.

User Info: MeepleLardicle

1 year ago#45
I don't think there is anything to worry about, frankly.

Square-enix isn't really losing money from this since it's not like people are paying for codes. It might tick them off a bit, but they'll probably look the other way. It's also possible these are all 100% legit and they really want as many people in as possible, but still want it to be closed, so having a "First come first serve" mentality with a Lottery aspect to give those a chance who can't really be bothered to find these codes.

Worst case scenario I see happening is these codes get the player kicked out of the closed Beta. I don't think they'd be so crazy as to kick people from the game itself for using it, since that'd basically mean "well, that person is probably not buying the game since you severed them from a major part of the gameplay." Not quite the same as, say, Namco-Bandai banning people in Dark Souls for cheating since in this case, the person already spent money on the game (at least in theory anyway; obviously stuff like friends borrowing games, pirating still exists, etc.)
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User Info: VaanSkyLord30

1 year ago#46
I got two codes from that link. One for me and one for my sister.

But that reminds me, did they say anything about the beta having online multiplayer? I think it would be weird if it didn't but just wanna make sure.
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User Info: Xemnas_Ryzen

1 year ago#47
It will
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User Info: Extreme_light

1 year ago#48
m0rningstar posted...
Got a code from here


Thanks for this. This seems to be the only one currently working.
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User Info: m0rningstar

1 year ago#49
NP glad it's working for people
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User Info: Dr_RudyMjolnir

1 year ago#50
Yeah I was worried SE would get Sony on our asses or something, but SE won't get that crazy over a closed beta I don't think.
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