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    Team 2

    Modest Tapu Fini @ Iapapa Berry
    236 HP / 108 Def / 132 SpA / 28 SpD / 4 Spe
    - Muddy Water
    - Moonblast
    - Calm Mind
    - Protect

    Jolly Stantler @ Choice Scarf
    Ability: Sap Sipper
    252 HP / 4 Def / 252 Spe
    - Skill Swap
    - Gravity
    - Reflect
    - Toxic

    Timid Raichu @ Focus Sash
    252 HP / 4 SpA / 252 Spe
    - Fake Out
    - Electroweb
    - Encore
    - Rain Dance

    Jolly Mega Salamence @ Salamencite
    116 HP / 116 Atk / 4 Def / 100 SpD / 172 Spe
    - Return
    - Roost
    - Dragon Dance
    - Protect

    Relaxed Gothielle @ Aguav Berry
    252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpA
    - Psychic
    - Ally Switch
    - Trick Room
    - Heal Pulse

    Adamant Landorus @ Groundium Z
    12 HP / 140 Atk / 4 Def / 100 SpD / 252 Spe
    - Earthquake
    - Rock Slide
    - U-Turn
    - Superpower


    Modest Gastrodon @ Groundium Z
    156 HP / 196 Def / 140 SpA /4 SpD /12 Spe
    - Earth Power
    - Scald
    - Recover
    - Protect

    The idea was to take one of the biggest annoyances in Doubles, mainly Tapu Fini and make it even more of an annoyance. So... Finis only real weaknesses are Grass, Electric and Poison. Mega Gengar aside, poison is rare in this format. So... what if we give Fini Sap Sipper. And having Lightning Rod support in the mix! Sounds fun in theory... the problem is, it is a good bit too passive for my liking so far. Still needs some ironing, ideas are welcome but let me elaborate on what I have.

    I wanted to use a pure Bold 252 HP / 252 Def Fini but that would have made it even more passive without a few Calm Minds, so I went with a fairly standard set I still had prepped from way back for now.

    Stantler is the gimmick. Usually you see these to Skill Swap Intimidate around, either for your benefit, trigger your own Competitive or something like that. That at least is what I encountered here and there. But it has Sap Sipper as well. The rest is mainly filler. Gravity theoretically to make sure Muddy Water doesn't miss... if it survives that long. Toxic for flying stuff or if the terrain runs out/get overridden, Reflect is obvious. Generally Stantler won't survive past swapping Sap Sipper, of course.

    I debated on a lot of Lightningrod user but came back to Raichu in the end because of the support options it provides.

    Salamence took the Mega slot to provide a powerful physical hitter and give extra options against Grass types etc. I really wasn't sure which Mega to best run here but since this also gave me an Intimidate option which is helpful for Fini, I stuck with that.

    Gothielle is to trap, annoy, Trick Room if necessary (or reverse it) and provide Heal Pulse support. Psychic can put pressure on Gengar too.

    This leaves the choice between Lando and Gastrodon. I wanted something to hit Gengar and possible Metagross with since both are troublesome for Fini, so something with Tectonic Rage had to be in there. From the bit of testing I did, the Lando version did better but Gastrodon profits from Sap Sipper... Well, Stantler can swap around Lando's Intimidate as well I guess.
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