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    Still almost screwed it up at the end. I didn't expect Kartana to hang through my Sacred Sword or to Protect when it did. When it was 2 on 2 it was kind of do or die. I COULD have Protected with Kyogre and use the turn to take Kartana down. But their Kartana could have hit Incineroar instead. In the end just doing both played out because I knew my Incineroar was faster and I'd likely outlast the opposing one, barring Criticals.


    Indeed. That's a Miltank. More on that below.

    The start was catastrophic honestly. That wasn't the actual idea behind it. I was amazed I actually got my Azumarill set up. Rain-powered +6 Aqua Jet is crazy. It tore right through Snorlax... though Porygon actually survived one.


    Honestly... this was just ugly. In fact this is what happens when a crazy idea meets a crazy idea.

    Just... OMG. I can't believe I actually won that. Got really lucky with the hits there. That and because my opponent got so greedy instead of starting to actually hit something with that Mudsale.

    If you want to see something crazy, then watch this.


    And last one for today. I have two versions of this team. One with Lando and this one with Gastrodon. This was testing phase for the latter.

    Called the switch, got the Encore and Recover, took the Groundium Z and Gastrodon proceeded to clean house.

    The benefit of this version is that Gastrodon can actually profit from Skill Swap Sap Sipper as well. However, I found it generally inferior to the Lando version which did better but the battles weren't that interesting.

    To be honest, I am unsure if I actually would have won this. Fini was just in berry range and I used up my own Tectonic Range for Gothielle. I needed Salamence at this point for both, so it could have gotten really tricky depending on Protect call, especially since all my Raichu has is Electroweb... which my opponent didn't know I guess. I also forgot to replace Wish with Rain Dance on Raichu as I had actually planned for exactly these kind of Charizard situations.

    I'll provide the teams behind this bit by bit, so as not to overwhelm readers.
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