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    While I'm not sure if anyone is interested at this point, but I like to have a place to showcase my battle videos, I decided to create this. Not just for me but everyone who wants to share their battle experiences with the rest of us.

    I mainly play Battle Spot Doubles/VGC for fun, trying out different ideas that are usually either unconventional/gimmicky or conventional with a slight twist somewhere. So that's what you will usually see from me.

    If you wish to share unconventional team ideas, you may also do so. I will do the same occasional. Maybe we can help each other to make them better.

    At this point it's become rather erratic when I actually battle or completely ignore Pokemon for weeks while I do other things, so you may experience downtime here and there and then a bunch of rapid input.

    My first batch of videos today is mix of stuff I did this week, between my Z-Psych Up Kyogre/Xerneas VGC team (copied from here: https://www.trainertower.com/raindeers-resurrection-teambuilding-analysis/), my experimental return to a slightly different (from what I'm used to) Rain team and a couple of other ideas I came up with over the week and just finished building for a first trial run yesterday and today.

    I'll discuss the teams below. First the videos.


    THIS was what actually started one of my new team ideas.
    I was so freaked out at seeing a Smeargle use Geomancy. When Fini fell to the second Hyper Voice, I was sure I'd not get through it. Thankfully that Smeargle obviously didn't have a Follow Me or something similar, so Swampert could clean up the rest.


    I have largely discarded this team by now, at least in this version. But Swagger Fini along with Choice Band Ferrothorn was partially the trick, it works for Swampert and in this very rare case Marowak too, but is rather tricky to pull off. That said, I think that was a match where almost every call was just right.


    Alright, that one was brutal.

    The burn at the start was really useful, so was getting rid of the Assault Vest on Yveltal. It might have been tempting to attack with Kyogre when I finally had it in a spot I needed but since mine is bulky and slower than Yveltal, I didn't want to eat the Snarl and be generally useless without health, so I rather used the moment to heal and just have it there to chip down so that Xerneas could clean up (without ever once using Geomancy lol). When Groudon Sword Danced I was a tad worried but it played out. 15 turns, phew.


    Another crazy (long) one. Back to my Rain Team.

    Tapu Fini against Tapu Fini is always very bad for me. With the Calm Mind slot filled by Swagger, it's generally a free turn for them. I'm once again amazed at how bulky Swampert can be. Hung on at 15 HP despite taking a +1 Twinkle Tack through Protect followed by a Moonblast, had to switch out which turned out to work perfectly. I was lucky Cresselia switched out when it did instead of using Ally Switch again.


    And another.

    Turn 1 I honestly hoped Xerneas would Geomancy so that I could Psych Up. It didn't. After that... no, I did not want to Water Spout then. I actually misclicked... and scored a Critical. Amazingly Tornadus kept on the field until Turn 7 despite losing the berry and in the presence of a Xerneas and Kyurem-B, setting Tailwind twice and landing a blind Hurricane... wow. In fact it actually took down Kyurem by itself because it was ignored the entire time.
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