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User Info: KSoulLord

2 months ago#1
Which of the following Starters from Hoenn is your favorite and why? - Results (87 votes)
29.89% (26 votes)
28.74% (25 votes)
37.93% (33 votes)
I can't decide!
3.45% (3 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Results so far:
Kanto Lead: Charmander
Johto Lead: Totodile

This is getting interesting so far. Didn't expect Totodile to have more popularity so far. Let's move on to Hoenn.
Simply choose one of these three pokemon and explain why do you like it. I reccomend explaining the following: Appearance, Type and/or Evolution. You're also free to explain from other media like Anime, Manga or other games like Mystery Dungeon.

For example. It's a hard decision for me, between Treeko to Sceptile and Torchic to Blaziken got me really in between. But I loved Blaziken so for me, Torchic is my favorite. I liked how cute it is, and when fully evolved, Blaziken really kicks. I love that fiery Muay Thai pokemon!

I can't wait to hear your reasons for liking your starter
Tomorrow I'll start the fourth poll for Sinnoh Starters, so look forward to that.

PS. I posted these boards to reach both 3DS and Switch Players, since I know not many people play the Let's go games as much as the 3ds games like Sun & Moon.
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User Info: Slonk

2 months ago#2
So I heard you like Mudkips

User Info: kuuroba

2 months ago#3
I still like Mudkips

User Info: thegreatwumbo

2 months ago#4
Some people move on, but not us...not us.

User Info: TheZuperHero

2 months ago#5
Treecko -> Sceptile is the coolest, although it's a solid group overall. Although I like Blaziken, I can't help but blame it for setting the template that all the fire starters since have followed, making them incredibly samey and boring.
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User Info: kompletionist

2 months ago#6
kuuroba posted...
I still like Mudkips

Everyone likes Mudkips.
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User Info: Shadowball

2 months ago#7
I like torchic
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User Info: Puglia77

2 months ago#8
Slonk posted...
So I heard you like Mudkips

User Info: Sivle15

2 months ago#9
Torchic! Was first starter pokemon. First game i played was emerald on an emulator
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User Info: BasiltheDragon

2 months ago#10
I'm not sure... I'm torn between Treecko and Mudkip.

Sceptile is my favourite final evo for that batch of starters, but Mudkip is my favourite basic stage.
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