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User Info: cheatermaster

8 months ago#1
I'm gonna start making hacked pokemon for myself (don't worry I won't trade hacked pokemon cause I know some are very anti cheat, besides it's for myself only and single player only). And though I'm cheating I don't want my hacked pokemon to have illegal stats, illegal moves or illegal abilities. I rather have them within legal parameters enough that even Bank can't tell if it's hacked or not. But one of the things I wonder is does Pokémon Bank can tell if it's hacked if the pokemon is shiny?

Cause when it comes with legendaries, for some reason Game Freak has a tendency to make most, if not all the legendaries and even the mythicals shiny lock. And I wonder if Pokémon Bank can tell if it's hacked if the pokemon is shiny. To be honest, I don't shiny as I caught some. But for the most part I actually don't really care about shiny as much as anyone. Cause honestly they're interesting, but ultimately I actually don't care about them as much. But if I decide to make my hacked pokemon shiny, then does Pokémon Bank can tell if it's hacked just because it's shiny?

Yes I am cheating, but frankly I don't really care because I'm doing whatever I want. I don't care what anyone thinks anymore. Besides I have the morals to do it single player only. Even I don't wanna ruin other people's fun.

User Info: Shiny-Gardevoir

8 months ago#2
no cares if you cheat this isnt the toxic YouTube community
just get every detail right on the mon you gen and youll be fine
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User Info: Wofidood

8 months ago#3
When taking pokemon from game to game through the transfer method there’s a hidden met pokemon at location that I’ve yet to understand how to change the location of what game the actual mon came from wheather it’s from ruby & Sapphire or from sinnoh or Unova it’s best to pull the mon out of the particular game you want gen3 for instance has no shiny locks up until gen 5 shiny locks we’re implemented so take the mon you want from it’s particular game assuming you have a Action replay DSi or old school game shark make it shiny with an encounter code put the moves on the mon you want on him from each transfer lagititmaly wheather by move tutors or TM’s as your transferring him/her up from each gen A Legal move set of course seribi has transfer only moves listed of course and as long as you do your homework the mon in question will make it through fine as it should
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User Info: aryanbrar

8 months ago#4
fun fact 70-90% of participants in worlds use hacked pokemon

one was even caught, disqualified in 2016 for using hacked pokemon.

User Info: felica

8 months ago#5
As long as the pokemon is "legal" it will pass bank. Pokebank doesn't have a "Hack check" rather it has a "legaitly checker"

However as far as shinfying legends. You have to make sure the pokemon isn't shiny locked from the game it's actually caught from.

Take Zapdos for example. It's shiny locked in X/Y but it's not in Soul Silver. So if you going to shiny a zapdos caught in x/y it wont pass through bank because it's not legal. However if u shinify one caught in soul silver it will be because it's technically able to be shiny in soul silver.

Now take Celebi. Only legit way to get a Shiny celebi is from a gen 2 virtual console game. So if u try to shiny any celebi not transferred from a gen 2 vc game it won't pass through bank cause it's not legal.

You just have to do your homework. Best way to know for sure is use pkhex as it has a built in legailty checker. However only way to use pkhex is to have homebrew access on your 3ds. If you dont then u have to use powersaves which doesn't tell you if your hacked pokemon are legal or not.

Basically if your only way of hacking is through powersaves it's best to just edit a already legit caught mon instead of trying to gen one from scratch and making sure all it's stats are legal.
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User Info: Lord_Zenki

8 months ago#6
If you use Powersaves to make a Pokemon shiny, there are 2 ways to do it:
1. Changes its trade ID, so while the Original Trainer will still be your name, it will think it was traded to you. This is probably the best way, but method 2 can be done on multiple Pokemon at once.
2. Messes with the IVs in order to change it shiny. This option lets you do up to 5 Pokemon at once. The main issue here is that most legendary Pokemon are guaranteed to come with at least 3 max IVs from Gen 6(?) onward. So if you use this method, make sure you also set at least 3 IVs to max for those Pokemon. You don't have to do this, the bank doesn't seem to care if the IVs are wonky, but any player that looks at an Ultra Warp Hole shiny, and it doesn't have 3 max IVs will immediately know that Pokemon is hacked.
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