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User Info: Duncanwii

8 months ago#1
I had to think long and hard but I think this is the truth.
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User Info: MrMegaMawile

8 months ago#2

User Info: Axel21x

8 months ago#3
Charizard is my favorite dragon.
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User Info: Jmandal

8 months ago#4
i like torkoals
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User Info: UragaanaDie

8 months ago#5
For my money, squirtle is the best pokeman
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User Info: Octane16

8 months ago#6
I like Dialga the best
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User Info: SilencedWinter

8 months ago#7
nothin wrong with a little Grubbin lovin'

User Info: Poke_Dude14

8 months ago#8
I like Squirtles.
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User Info: Flappers

8 months ago#9
I have a carefully arranged list of all of my top 3 favorite and least favorite Pokemon by type.
It's called being a nerd.

Overall Top-3
1) Charizard
2) Garchomp
3) I actually bounce back a forth from this, right now it's Pyukumuku but I might have to go back to Tyranitar. I'll probably change it to something else eventually...
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User Info: Primal_GroudonX

8 months ago#10
Axel21x posted...
Charizard is my favorite dragon.

Noctowl is my favorite dragon.
I liek Mudkipz
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