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  3. I think my game is glitched?

User Info: ggg-2

2 years ago#1
I recently traded a Phantump in an in-game trade, but when Tumptump evolved into Trevenant, I deleted a move to make room for Shadow Claw, I went to get Tumptump out of the PC, only to find that it doesn't know Shadow Claw.

User Info: Gasher4643

2 years ago#2
Maby you just button mashed and it didnt learn it
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User Info: jayman7

2 years ago#3
No, TC is right, this is a real glitch.

It's not "your" game, though. It happens to everyone who makes that trade.
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User Info: CardTamer

2 years ago#4
Oh, really? I never noticed, since I just put him in my box straight away. Anyway, as glitches go, this one isn't that bad, since you should have bought the TM for Shadow Claw by this point.
"Sometimes crazy works." -Optimus Primal
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  3. I think my game is glitched?
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