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Landorus (Therian) does not meet any criteria of ban-worthiness - OU Council

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User Info: Rad_Dudesman

3 months ago#1

I'll be speaking on behalf of the OU council here, as we are all in agreement.

To put it simply, Landorus does not meet any criteria of ban-worthiness, via the tiering policy framework and via our own subjectivity. Landorus will not be suspected any time soon.

I am aware that Ciele (and others) partially conceded this point but I find it beneficial to delve into nonetheless - Landorus is not "broken" neither offensively nor defensively. For starters, the Z move sets are not only reasonable to beat but they are also extremely rare compared to defensive and scarf variants. Saying that it's a broken offensive force is probably the least valid reason to want to ban it. Onto the defensive side of things, it's true that Landorus is a splash-able wall and it's true that it helps check many physically inclined pokemon - but it is by no means a true defensive behemoth, supremely difficult to kill. It lacks longevity, and is easy to chip over the course of a game - Pokemon like Zygarde and Kartana are shining examples of this.

There is ample counterplay to any and all Landorus sets in this metagame. On top of this, the point of versatility can be refuted in that Landorus is mostly incapable of being an offensive and defensive threat at the same time. Defensive is easy to switch into, Offensive is more frail, and Scarf is neither strong nor bulky. You also have to consider that it is fairly easy to scout a Landorus set - Even by getting a U-turn off on Landorus you can calculate it's spread and it's pretty much always running the same moves regardless (eq ice uturn). Minor tweaks like putting HP Fire on it don't change it's counterplay in any drastic way, unlike say a Metagross' coverage.

The only remaining argument to want to ban Landorus lies in usage itself. For starters, we've only had 1 week of SPL usage for USM so it would be quite the knee-jerk to deduce that Landorus is a problem so soon. Additionally, neither in our tiering policy nor in the minds of the council does usage alone break something. To sum it up in a more subjective way, Landorus is not mandatory. Landorus is just easy to use, and thus used a lot.

To quote the specific tiering policy thread, the most relevant part that refers to usage is as follows:

"They are broken because they almost dictate / require usage, and a standard team facing a standard team with one of them would be at a drastic disadvantage. These examples limit team building skill."

Even if Landorus has 90% usage in SPL week 1 (it won't always be this high), this does not mean that Landorus is truly mandatory. There have been countless Lando-less victories in SM OU and the non-lando user is by no means "drastically disadvantaged" due to this fact alone.

There you go, Smogon will never ban Lando
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User Info: Cletus

3 months ago#2
I guess that means gen 7 OU will always be trash

User Info: quintonshark163

3 months ago#3
Cletus posted...
I guess that means gen 7 OU will always be trash

User Info: Poipole

3 months ago#4

User Info: Red_Empoleon

3 months ago#5

Yet when a alledge "broken" mon gets 50% usage they will all scream "ITS MANDATORY TO COUNTER CUZZZZ EVETYONE USES IT" double standards double practices

Thank god i stopped following this joke of a community
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User Info: Kylebe611

3 months ago#6
you are now tracking this topic
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User Info: shinyspheal

3 months ago#7
Kylebe611 posted...
you are now tracking this topic
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User Info: TalesOfXAndY

3 months ago#8
shinyspheal posted...
Kylebe611 posted...
you are now tracking this topic
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User Info: Drakaiser

3 months ago#9
just counter it with your own hp ice lando lol

User Info: TuneMagician

3 months ago#10
Why is op mod proof?
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