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User Info: DeltaSilver88

3 years ago#1
Anyone have any theories about that? Nearly every Pokémon on Bulbapedia has their theorized name origins up already, but Zeraora doesn't.

So far the only ones I could think of:

1) "zeroary" (another word for "nullary", i.e. the arity of zero).
2) "zero hour" (start of a military operation i.e. H-hour). If you pronounce Zeraora, it starts sounding like a mangled "zero hour".
3) "serval" (a wild cat Zeraora could be based on)
4) "zarra" (Arabic for "to beam/glitter/shine, to encroach upon one's enemy, to apprehend")
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User Info: Poipole

3 years ago#2
jojo's bizarre fursona

User Info: jaoman69

3 years ago#3
Somebody failing to spell zoroark

User Info: MrCookieman24

3 years ago#4
Zeraora is a combination of the words zap, eradicate and tora, which means tiger in Japanese.

User Info: cyberdubs

3 years ago#5
jaoman69 posted...
Somebody failing to spell zoroark
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User Info: Axel21x

3 years ago#6
Ze areola.
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