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User Info: SneakyHeather

1 year ago#31
Drakaiser posted...
TFS sticky lol
This is my main account.

User Info: gwwak

1 year ago#32
Hardcore - We'll probably be modded for this...
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Ugh, having to wait for two hours before using the QR Scanner again really sucks.

Edit: Does messing with the 3DS clock/time affect the use of this feature? I haven't used it all day, but I did mess with the clock so I could evolve my Amaura (I have Moon). If so, then this doubly sucks because I want a Ralts. D:
(edited 1 year ago)
I just caught an Eelektross on friday, you may want to edit your list a bit lol
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User Info: Sivle15

8 months ago#35
Can we sos shiny chain them?

User Info: Minaru44

8 months ago#36
I'm pretty sure Island Scan Pokemon do not SOS call.
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User Info: Pikachu5431

8 months ago#37
Ugh I have to wait for sunday to get ralts that bites
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User Info: ShinyMuffin

7 months ago#38
They do not.

User Info: Skuld

6 months ago#39
Nice guide.

User Info: Kushinadahime

4 months ago#40
Why are you reading this?
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