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User Info: jayman7

1 year ago#21
They haven't done a real "third version" since Platinum. They didn't even have anything close in the sixth gen - Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire were remakes of the third-gen games, not third versions of the sixth-gen games.
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User Info: Second_Chances

1 year ago#22
If you sell systems for other systems, especially those that aren't backwards compatible with the system you're selling, and buy first versions of Pokemon while complaining about "third versions" when they're the only ones that are ever of decent quality and XY proved that without them they're never going to bother making a game of decent quality, then you deserve whatever suffering you feel over it.

User Info: allaboutpokemon

1 year ago#23
with pokemon going to switch, if the games are priced the same as switch games, there wont be anymore third versions. no one is going to buy the third version thats got some more content at full price. it would make more sense to add dlc.
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User Info: LordBowser

1 year ago#24
WolfWarrior posted...
tbh im a little butthurt cause I sold my 3ds to get the switch

This is the most important part of the thread.

Now, I don't understand your context, and maybe you just absolutely can't get money for some reason, but I am guessing that isn't the issue here. In most cases I have seen, people do not save their money and then when the next big console/game comes out, they choose to sell their most recent purchased games/consoles to try and afford the next one quickly.

If that is indeed the case, perhaps you shouldn't have sold a system in order to buy another, and instead saved your money to be able to have both. I still have my SNES from the 90's and I still play SNES games on occasion; I will never understand the instant gratification related to selling systems at a fraction of their value to corporations such as Gamestop to try and buy the next big thing at the last minute.

Just food for thought.
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User Info: Andros-2K7

1 year ago#25
WolfWarrior posted...
I sold my 3ds to get the switch

That's a very stupid thing to do.
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User Info: AiramRM10

1 year ago#26
Nostalgia needs to stop.
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User Info: mdvd

1 year ago#27
Tizzy posted...
Let it be known that usum is not a third version but an alternate story of sm but with added new content. If that's what you call a "third version" then b2w2 also fits the bill of "third" version and is totally not a new experience!/s

That’s literally what third versions always were “an alternate story with added new content” b2w2 were sequels that’s what made them so good
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User Info: hellzyaaahhhhhh

1 year ago#29
WolfWarrior posted...
Seriously, its like we're being scammed into buying the same game at double price. They deliberately reduce content from Sun and Moon like post game facility, national dex, bad Pokemon distributions, make us thirst for a more completed version, things like Ultra Beast Homes, Rainbow Rocket, Mantine Surf,... can easily be implemented in SM but NOOO, they just gotta f*** around with our wallet like that, huh?
tbh im a little butthurt cause I sold my 3ds to get the switch, thought on third versions?

concept is fine but i wish they go back to original way
like red/blue 3rd ver. was yellow

honestly tc you act like 3ds has all this memory it can use for the games...
some things could be patched in.... this is true...

but what you think can be is unrealistic would need code to edit game (they didnt make games with that much dlc acceptance) the code for area changes... then code for mechanics

nintendo keeps their download files small as possible
unlike other company's who act they have all the memory in world with 1/2tb drives (with games that can easily take up 25~50% of the drive...)

plus take in fact they have versions coded differently...
so the so called dlc would take most if not all of 3ds memory
considering patchs.... dlc.... and fact odds are your going have both games

and new thing is to force dlc data on to player and said data locked with a paid for key
also not to point out ultra sun/moon use higher graphics then original more leaning on n3ds rather then older normal 3ds power
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User Info: SeizureGoat

1 year ago#30
Gunz77 posted...
Who else didn't read any of this?

*raised hand*
I only read this cause your green. (BFF)
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