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VGC18 Ruleset indicates Dusk Lycanroc is breedable

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User Info: WrenchNinja

6 months ago#211
Why is Ash-Greninja banned?

User Info: Gunz77

6 months ago#212
WrenchNinja posted...
Why is Ash-Greninja banned?

Because they don't let people bring garbage to VGC
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User Info: Tappor

6 months ago#213
WrenchNinja posted...
Why is Ash-Greninja banned?

Cause it's practically event only
Sincerely, a concerned citizen.

User Info: TehGooseV2

6 months ago#214
@Ku-Ri-Boh I know you're being silly, but right now you kinda sour rather than funny
currently farming karma for this alt

User Info: SithLordTROP

6 months ago#215
kuriboh sucks
I'd Implore you to do a little bit of thinking, If that's even possible for you, To think before you do f****** hating on Homura.

User Info: Andrex_93

6 months ago#216
Gunz77 posted...
WrenchNinja posted...
Why is Ash-Greninja banned?

Because they don't let people bring garbage to VGC

Correction: they used to not let people bring garbage; remember, Megas, unless confirmed otherwise with the official pdf, are allowed in VGC, this year.
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User Info: Jmandal

6 months ago#217
Gunz77 posted...
Jmandal posted...
Gunz77 posted...
Jmandal posted...
Gunz77 posted...
Jmandal posted...
But ya I guarantee duskrock will be breedable 100%.

Willing to bet your account on that?

I’ll bet my account on that if you battle me. If you lose you must close your account. Show me that you’re of worth before I’d even contemplate doing that.

No, because that has nothing to do with dusks*** being breedable. You said you "guarantee" it will be breedable. If it's not, you close your account. Simple as that. No adding extra conditions to try and back out of it.

I don't have to prove jack all to a little s*** like you.

Sounds like you might just be trash at the game :/ it’s too bad because I’m currently building a team to absolutely dominate you if you change your mind. It’s okay though, we can’t all be good so I understand your lack of confidence. No worries. Also pro tip: if you expect someone to bet their account, be a man and do the same otherwise you just sound like a spineless chump with 0 backbone.

Funny, since you were the one who instantly backed down when someone challenged you

Let me know when you wanna get beat. I’ll be waiting.
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User Info: razordrakegorz

6 months ago#218
SymphonicGlory posted...

You could also say the same about Nintendo games in general. More times than not, they make good games, but they get way too much of a pass for issues and the games in general are overly praised.

Just look at BotW. An above average open world game is being called one of the best games ever made. Sun and Moon, potentially the worst games in the series are considered to be one of the best despite the MANY flaws. I'm not even saying that people can't like it enjoy such games, but if other series had the kind of flaws these games did, they would be crucified for it.

True, however I find that pokemon has a weird cult around it, even more so than the other nintendo sacred beasts: in most other games an incoherent plot lowers the score, just like bad online interactions etc.
In pokemon most issues are straight up ignored and every game has scores close to perfection. Something with 4/5 or 9/10 should be almost flawless, which I find hard to believe any pokemon games have been even close to reach.
I'm not saying the games are garbage, but they're no works of art either.
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User Info: CloverKitten

6 months ago#219
Gunz77 posted...
Because they don't let people bring garbage to VGC

Because it's canimecer.

User Info: MrTFSsWildRide

6 months ago#220

something no one is talking about is the player time being reduced to 5 minutes
even tpc knows celesteela stall is horrible
the ride never ends
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