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Thoughts on the new UBs?

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User Info: Zyguardian

5 months ago#1
Thoughts? - Results (263 votes)
Love both of them!
46.01% (121 votes)
I only like UB Burst.
9.89% (26 votes)
I only like UB Assembly.
20.53% (54 votes)
Theyre both f***ing abominations ew
23.57% (62 votes)
This poll is now closed.
If you ask me, I’m not much of a fan of UB Assembly. It just looks nothing at all like a Poké least the original ultra beasts looked somewhat like creatures or animals...Assembly is just a giant chimney with an eye on every brick

UB Burst on the other hand, I really like. It’s fun and playful, and the way that it pops off it’s head and explodes it reminds me of how mega sceptile shoots off it’s tail. LOVE this idea.

Whattya think?
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User Info: 1Gil

5 months ago#2
Burst is weird, assembly is God.
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User Info: Hoozah123

5 months ago#3
I like it. They are the reason why I'm right and everyone who disagree with me is wrong.
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User Info: Queen_of_Lazy89

5 months ago#4
They're both pretty cool. I'm getting Ultra Moon but I love how bizarre and crazy Burst looks.
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User Info: Fur

5 months ago#5
both are pretty sick, but assembly in particular is gr8
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User Info: PlasmWraith

5 months ago#6
I really like Assembly, I don't love Burst, but I do appreciate its weirdness and concept
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User Info: fortyminerniner

5 months ago#7
Assembly overrated. :v

User Info: JNate

5 months ago#8
I literally think I'm incapable of judging. I'm an addict. I love them both because I get to catch them haha. I think they look cool though and don't really care if they "don't look like Pokémon" that's a nebulous statement.
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User Info: Plasmas

5 months ago#9
They all float down here Georgie
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User Info: SmashingBros

5 months ago#10
They're cool, I like how wacky Burst is, and Assembly is an awesome concept all around. I'm really hoping for Fairy/Fire and Rock/Ghost, they'd be even cooler if they had unused types.
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