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What is the hardest Pokemon Game IYO?

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User Info: DracoSpire

1 year ago#31
pokemon is sooo easy xDDDDDDDD kekekekekekekek
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User Info: Queen_Seviper

1 year ago#32
smeargle123 posted...
For me Black 2/White 2 are really hard but its probably because im too lazy to grind my team up
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User Info: elconoM

1 year ago#33
Something Something Mystery Dungeon. Especially around late game when the Ghosts start doing their thing
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User Info: anoymous

1 year ago#34
for all the ones who answered a main game:
the only options that are more or less legit are PMD games (and even then the older ones more than the newer ones)
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User Info: Adam_Ace

1 year ago#35
Pokemon Colosseum is the hardest sheerly for the fact it uses the double battle mechanic extremely well for it's generation and with the selection of Pokemon available makes the game a true challenge.

In the main series Pokemon Yellow can take the honours because it has all the broken status BS of generation 1 such as Wrap not allowing you to attack and waking up from sleep taking up a turn as well as the fact the Pokemon in game are typically much higher leveled then the rest.
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User Info: VyersReaver

1 year ago#36
Moon Elite 4 was the hardest E4 in a loooong time, so my vote is for SuMo.
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User Info: AzureScrublord

1 year ago#37
I'd say Colosseum.
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User Info: ZERO2936

1 year ago#38
All of the main games are piss easy unless you've never played an RPG in your life.

Leaning towards Mystery Dungeon 1 or 2 of what I've played. (Never played MD3 or 4.)

User Info: ssj_duelist

1 year ago#39
XD by far.

User Info: judgeramza

1 year ago#40
dorkman posted...
MinorChordKenji posted...
hesu2000 posted...
Street_Overlord posted...
The original RBY are the toughest due to level scaling. The game is easy, and then you get up to the Elite 4 and they are like 20 levels higher than you.

Chrono trigger is THE best rpg of all time hands down.
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