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User Info: strider_123

1 year ago#1
Who's good in your opinion and bad?
I just got the game and so far i want to use Decidueye and blaziken. what are good combos for them?
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User Info: ArchonKnight

1 year ago#2
I've been having a lot of fun as Mewtwo.
You can learn a lot of cool combos for each character in the training modes. It'll guide you through a few good ones with videos and button orders.
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User Info: Zygardium

1 year ago#3
I’m really into Aegislash. Really fun character. Very technical too, has a lot of movesets and the buff from Shield > Sword form. Along with Ultra Burst and Sharp/Dull modes.
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User Info: Enoemaa

1 year ago#4
Firstly, this game is pretty unique in that the difference between the best character and the worst character is unusually small, to the point that even bottom tiers are still tourney viable.

As far as I’ve seen, consensus is Darkrai - my main - is below mid tier, but I’ve never had a problem blowing up A or S rank players (Including at least one notable tourney player) that were using top tiers.

For combos, check YouTube out; I don’t have any links off hand, but there’s a ton of great combos you can find online there.

User Info: GidoDaHitman

1 year ago#5
I'd like to see how they'd used more four legged pokemon. I wish Umbreon would be playable that'd be my main..although Umbreon is in the game as a support character, I'd rather see it as an actual playable character.

Think the character choices are cool..lots of two legged pokemon though but understandable so that gameplay would be much more easier to control.

My only thing is that they continue to increase the roster to like 40 unique types, be it flying and four legged pokemon..

User Info: Dathrowed1

10 months ago#6
Mewtwo is my favorite, but he is mu favorite pokemon and he has some of Kazuya's moves who is my favorite Tekken character

User Info: crs1989

10 months ago#7
I've been playing Mewtwo and Scizor mostly.
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  3. To anyone playing the games: thoughts on characters?
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