Jurgen Flopp v.2 Matchday Thread

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User Info: Three-Eyed-Crow

2 months ago#371
spurs are so f***ing s***e it’s actually sad, a half decent side would be winning 6-0 at the very least
Class of '92 - http://abload.de/img/92dtdhu.gif

User Info: hardman2k7

2 months ago#372

Full Time Devils and chill anyone?

User Info: Depressionism

2 months ago#373
Sunderland are still s***e but we signed a promising midfielder from Liverpool
Is it too late now to say I'm sorry? - Justin Bieber

User Info: GodRugal

2 months ago#374
phil jones wonderful finish

User Info: Gunner_04_

2 months ago#375
Lacazette Arsenal career over within 6 months I’m so happy
Jack Wilshere.

User Info: luminaireultima

2 months ago#376
I want Watford to thump Chelsea so Conte can get replaced by master tactician Luis Enrique

User Info: Gunner_04_

2 months ago#377
We doing super bowl chat?
Jack Wilshere.

User Info: xbxfrk6

2 months ago#378
Yes lets go for it. Also, that linesman needs to be murdered. Literally murdered.
xbox live gamertag=xbxfrk6

User Info: hardman2k7

2 months ago#379
VAR in PL soon please? Take your time, FA.

User Info: BaronNugget

2 months ago#380
Yeah I will go on the chat, might as well have a laugh whilst the refs help the Pats to 6th.
MUFC- The Religion
Miami Dolphins: Blissfully succumb to the whirling blackness of eternal oblivion
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