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User Info: Axonn

1 month ago#1
I recently started playing this game about two months ago, I enjoyed rise and world and I wanted to give it a shot. I’m really enjoying it so far though my clear times have me a bit worried for the endgame.

I’ve been almost exclusively playing solo currently I’m in G4 key quests (I have 4 left before Ahtal Ka). Up until G4 I’ve been doing ok averaging at around 15-25 minutes in solo. I play valor greatsword. I can solo grank nerscylla in 13 minutes but then I fought G4 rajang and deviljho yesterday and they were just pain. I decided to run tremor resist on both of them so that I don’t have to dodge their tremor and gave up attack up (s) or something either that or crit eye +1 i can’t remember. Anyways rajang took 28 minutes because of how few openings he gave me and also because I couldn’t deal with the triple ball attack he does early on in the fight I got more used to it later though. Additionally, a blango punched me into him while he was punching and I got carted once because of that. But then there’s deviljho. I decided to try him in multiplayer and it was even worse. The guy I was playing with pretty much died instantly and then duramboros kept coming in (so many wasted dung bombs) and hitting me and jho kept biting and lowering my defense and before I know it we beat him with no healing left and 35 minutes on the clock. He didn’t even feel hard he just felt like a huge tank and I feel like the guy that was playing with me wasn’t even attacking him and he was just blocking (his lobby description said he was “looking for help”).

Is this normal before you get endgame equipment or am I just really bad at soloing? lol. Oh and the urgent valstrax I did kill with 4 minutes left solo as well on my first try.

I’m using the final version of the nerscylla greatsword (immolator blade) though during the rajang and deviljho fights I was using the previous version of it I haven’t tried the final upgrade at all yet. But mainly I have around 30 more raw now on my set than I used to.

I have soloed two hypers so far as well. Hyper nerscylla which took a long time (44 minutes) because I was being way overly cautious I thought she was going to one shot me. And hyper congalala which took around 25 minutes both solo. These were also before the last upgrade I got.

Also I’m not really interested in doing extreme deviants (from what I hear they just give you cosmetic stuff and a crown next to your name but they seem really tedious to solo) but I plan on soloing all of the deviants in grank at least once. That said I haven’t fought any deviants yet. Ultimately my question is, is this good enough to solo stuff like hyper deviljho or rajang later with better gear? Or will I time out?

User Info: GadgetGabe

1 month ago#2
Your gear is sub-par for G4. Nerscylla GS has pretty low raw which makes it an inferior choice to, say, Narga or Tigrex. You didn't list your full set of skills so I can't comment on your armour.

But ultimately, I think it comes down to experience. You improve at the game, you improve your times, simple as that. Your times are pretty slow but that's normal, my times were very slow back in 4 ultimate
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User Info: spectrumspecter

1 month ago#3
Nerscylla GS is barely viable with minmaxing, never mind without. For a quest like G4 Hyper Jho one really needs to start looking into hitzones and stuff because it's super tanky to solo Blademaster.
(edited 1 month ago)

User Info: Axonn

1 month ago#4
Thanks for the advice everyone.

I just beat ahtal ka last night solo and it took about 25 minutes.

Was using the nerscylla gs, and my skills were crit boost, focus, punish draw (because my talisman has +6 focus and +6 punish draw I wanted to use it even though it feels like I never get kos with punish draw in this game lol) and i also have weakness exploit. Nerscylla greatsword has around 40% affinity on it so i didn’t build any expert.

I’m probably going to grind some ahtal ka for the armor and greatsword some time soon.

User Info: goukipau

1 month ago#5
Buy athlal Ka GS. Arguably the best GS ingame. At maxed lv3; 330 raw, purple sharp, +60 defense and 3 slots to work with.

As for skills, I can only reccommend:
Crit draw
Crit boost

And then add any of the following of your choice: (if possible!)
Punish draw
Quick sheath
Dragon instinct (!!)

As for armor, one of the best armors is: Black X. You get Focus, Sheath Control, Blight Res, Crit Draw from the start.
Only need to gem in crit boost and a skill of your choice.

Lots of GS info to read:
MH3U, MHXX (switch) goukipau hr999. Playing for fun!!
(edited 1 month ago)
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  3. Are my hunts taking too long? (New solo player)
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