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User Info: Cillzone1721

4 months ago#1
Tbh i think hyper monsters are kinda a cheap excuse to add aton of hunts. I mean, code out the tired mechanic, and code in a fairly simple red glow. Idk, whats everyone's opinion?
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User Info: ineedsearch

4 months ago#2
tempered is basically +1000 damage and thats it. that's an even worse mechanic
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User Info: Dunceney

4 months ago#3
Frenzy > Hyper > Tempered

If only Hyper affected attacks don't give out such obvious tells and super inflated HP I might have rank it higher than frenzy.

User Info: Yomigaeru

4 months ago#4
Dunceney posted...
Frenzy > Hyper > Tempered

If only Hyper affected attacks don't give out such obvious tells and super inflated HP I might have rank it higher than frenzy.

The monsters with nearly double their normal HP when Hyper makes me not want to bother fighting them. And then you have some, like Lagiacrus, that only get like 30% more health. Why does Hyper Tetsucabra have more HP than a G3 Diablos?

Tempered is a largely inconsequential change, especially if you're not getting hit by the monster in the first place (Tempered Jho being the exception, but the HP boost there might be due to it being an Event quest). Arch Tempered is a step up, but their limited to Event quests and only half a dozen or so monsters.

To be frank, I don't think stat boosts are the way to make these fights more challenging. The "High Rank to G Rank" changes remain the best, in my opinion, because they incorporate changes to the monsters' movesets (Rajang strikes three times with his Blanka Ball attack instead of once, for example).

User Info: XImperialDragon

4 months ago#5
Dunceney posted...
Frenzy > Hyper > Tempered

If only Hyper affected attacks don't give out such obvious tells and super inflated HP I might have rank it higher than frenzy.

This is about what I think too.

Soloing Hypers is kind of annoying because I gun and chew through a big chunk of my ammo on them due to heavily inflated health, but the tells make them really easy to dodge for the most part.

In multiplayer though, I find hypers to be quite awesome. Hyper monsters are basically the only way G rank hunts take longer than 3-4 minutes outside of Elders and Deviants with four people.

I really liked the frenzy mechanic though. They speed up and give you an affinity boost if you're aggressive and overcome the frenzy, yourself? f***ing awesome.

Apex was bulls***, but Frenzy was great.
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User Info: shinyspheal

4 months ago#6
Agreed, I don't like Hypers much because they are so spongy, soloing them is not that fun
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User Info: MineralPlusBox

4 months ago#7
Hyper is waaaaaaay better than Apex monsters in my opinion. I don't see the inflated HP as a problem unless you're doing it solo and they're not meant for solo.

User Info: DarkLite411

4 months ago#8
With a group, they’re not much of a problem. I don’t recall them being to bad in Gen. I would not want to solo here. Even with a group it took a good minute to kill one. But I ran an assist prowler, did a hyper hunt-a-thon (3 monsters) and ran about 14 traps to put my team at ease.

But tempered Monster’s are worse? No thanks.
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User Info: Kaioken

4 months ago#9
I might honestly find them alright if they didn't gain extra HP and if these hunts guaranteed to give you more than just 1 lousy hyper part.

Try farming hyper ludroth or rathalos, I have yet to get a farm going for them, getting tired of soloing as I still need like 20 parts from each.

Well, at least there is hyper turn rooms, but those have a nice habit of making the last joining guy a host the moment he gets to pick :/
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User Info: LonelyGaruga

4 months ago#10
The HP buff on Hyper monsters is balanced out by the fact that striking their glowing parts increases HA accumulation, generally flinches more easily, and sometimes even increases damage done compared to normal.

tbh with how much hunters are buffed in Gen and GU Hyper monsters feel more like the normal level of durability that monsters should have. This is reflected in their stats too, ordinary monsters in Gen/GU generally have stats about on par with older games.
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