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User Info: Mussurana

1 month ago#11
Sorry Yoru, I meant to comment earlier, but every time I see that last photo, my eyes fill with tears.

Thank you for taking the time to pay tribute to our treasured friend, as only you could.
PSN Mussurana, pawn Inzoliah, level 200 Ranger

User Info: Falthin

1 month ago#12
Beautiful pictures Yoru and a lovely tribute.

User Info: Raziel689

1 month ago#13
Oh crap, Karmi passed? I know I haven't been active in months but I still lurk. Karmi helped my pawns plenty. He will be missed
PSN FunyFlyBoy, Main Pawn; Anouk ~ PSN AnubisOfTheAbyss, Main Pawn; Ram

User Info: ForceFan

1 month ago#14
I just got this game, I never met Kami or anyone here, this is extremely touching. Beautiful.
Soulsbourne, not even once.

User Info: bunnyrebellion

1 month ago#15
amazing tribute

these are among the best if not truly the very best you’ve done @YoruPoru.

thank you for doing this, and it’s quite obvious that you put a LOT of time, energy and care into these shots. thank you for including my yoshi, very touching. it was so nice seeing the pawns memorializing collectively our honor for Karmi

@Karmikazzee we will always remember you, and we promise to visit with your pawns from time to time, in fond remembrance of you.
it is time to resist the zombie apocalypse

User Info: Friggan

1 month ago#16
Wow, this is so nice and touching. This community has to be one of the brightest out there . I am happy to be a small part. Beautiful job !
PSN name: Friggan
Dragon's Dogma- Main Pawn -Katrina (200 Mage)

User Info: YoruPoru

1 month ago#17
Thank you so much, everyone. I am glad we could show just how appreciated Karmi is here. We still have Knot and Mist in our party. Ellie isn't ready to let them go yet. :( There will definitely be more pictures of them in the future.
PSN Totoro_Teto | Lv. 200 Fighter - Ellie

User Info: Mugshrooms

4 weeks ago#18
Oh man, that really sucks. I sometimes jump on this board from time to time when I get this craving to play. I remember him and seemed liked a really good dude. Was very helpful, sad to hear this news now.

Rest in Peace.

User Info: the_requiem

3 weeks ago#19
Almost missed this. This is an awesome tribute and you got me cutting onions in my living room now.

Was wondering, if folks would be interested in reviving this:
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User Info: frogwalloper

3 weeks ago#20
I'm game for Motley Crew Day. Good way to remember Karmi.
That's this coming Sunday, right?
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