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  3. If you killed off your pawn, can it still be rented?

User Info: Dancerandydance

4 weeks ago#1
I can’t seem to find an answer. I’ve killed my pawn off to maintain his level, but I have yet to be hired, which may be just because I haven’t advertised or anything.

User Info: vonhizzle

4 weeks ago#2
It can still be rented. There are a lot of pawns in the rift so random rents will be rare. You do have to rest at least once with your pawn present while in online mode before it shows up though.
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User Info: xxAcidxReignxx

4 weeks ago#3
When you rest at an inn or bench to update, you do have to have your pawn be alive (that is why I recommend updating on the beginning area of bbi), when you rest, that will actually do an update and you will receive any rents you’ve received. Just in case you were just sleeping without reviving your pawn.
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User Info: Gaoler

4 weeks ago#4
Your Pawn is uploaded to the Rift whenever you rest at an Inn or a Resting Bench in BBI while in Online Mode if it is currently with the party. If you want to preserve your Pawns' level, just switch to Offline Mode before resting, throw them off of a cliff/ into the Brine (if you are in Online Mode) again before resting, or just do a manual save instead.

If you have rental Pawns with you, keep in mind that you have to be in Online Mode when you release them, then rest at an Inn or Resting Bench for their creators to receive any RC and/ or gifts. You'll have to get rid of your Pawn before you rest because as soon as you touch a Rift Stone it will return.
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  3. If you killed off your pawn, can it still be rented?