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User Info: Twizted_Jedi

4 weeks ago#11

Sup Sis ! :) ... Miss ya

AliceUnchained posted...

Yes, torpor mages are wonderful. :)

Yes they are aren't they ? .... How is my girl Eir anyway ;) ?

Just to add my two cent's on the subject ....

I agree 100 % with Alice as usual ...

I LOVE The Legions Might and would never think of saying a bad word about it but it really shines as a weapon for Lower Level Pawns under 51 mostly . Not to say that it can't be useful in any Mages hands especially if your Mage gets targeted frequently as Sevn stated above . I personally don't have that issue very often but I think that different inclinations , play-styles and party composition can radically effect this game .

Legions Might is also a great choice if your farming Dragonkin It always cracks me up to see a Mage get up n dust themselves off after a Dragon Roar like " Uh ..You wanna try that again ?.. Oh n BTW brush your teeth cuz your breath smells like a metric megaton of concentrated buzzard farts !!! " . In any case It is a great staff and if you wanna use it , Go for it .. Your game - Your choice .

After that its between a Trusty Rusty or a Dominion Claw for me as well . If youv'e ever hired Alice's Mage - Eir on the PS3 you understand what a really good Topor Mage can do . A Mage that can simultaneously heal and torpor the living crap out of enemies is pretty damn sexy !

Damn .... I do miss Eir .... Those big pretty eyes ...That big ol' green cloud of - Slow The F*** Down !!! - Good Times :D

Again as Sevn stated however ... If your party is already Slow Mo Heavy , I'd go with the Dominion Claw on a Higher Level Mage with Lvl 3 Armor if you find that you want a healer in place a Face Melting Sorcerer . For that matter a Sorcerer / Mage tandem can also clean almost any cooties you happen to pick up as well with Voidspell and Halidom so ... Never a bad choice .

In any case , As always ... try different set ups out and decide whats best for you . Good Luck
Twizted_Jedi Rayne 36 Mage / Twizted_Jedi2 Jade / Twizted_Jedi3 Anastasia / DRUNKEN-VIKING13 Nova / THUNDERGOD_72 Aria / N7-Warden Athena. Info on OPSC site .
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