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User Info: Shinagawakun

3 months ago#11
madmatt posted...
Shinagawakun posted...
You'll dominate BBI bosses with just 500 Str, 1 point less in Strength on a full 11-200 Assassin will make zero difference, hell even 100 less Str won't make any major difference. In fact anything above 500 Str is kinda just there to help you kill better rather than to kill in the first place.

Yeah I've gotten to 200 now. 955 base str.

Strider. Using brain splitter, instant reset and mad dash.

Five fold and hailstorm volley.

My augments are


Once I go hyper mode everything just melts using brain splitter and instant reset. And with blast arrows and periapts, a well placed hailstorm will one shot gore-cyclops and cursed dragons.

It's glorious.

Physical attacks do 1 damage. Magic usually does around 300. I'm thinking about changing proficient out with the mage augment that reduces incoming magic damage so that magic is even less of a worry.

Brain Splitter and Hailstorm Volley are two of the most satisfying way to kill in the game. lol
pawn:Hect, Lv 200, Strider, U+S/Sungjin, Lv.5, Fighter, S

User Info: nimdude

3 months ago#12
madmatt posted...
Is one point of strength/attack anything to worry about?

I'm doing a min/max fighter to 10 and assassin to 200. But for some reason my attack is one point less than what it should be at. I've no idea how it happened since I switched to assassin at 10 and have stayed as such since.

I'm a bit ocd but I'm already at level 52 and can't really justify restarting for one measly point.

Advice? Thoughts?

I'm not sure, but i think there is the possibility you will do 0,00000000000021% less dmg in endgame wich will end up for a total of 0,0000000000001 hits more you will need before you exceed the dmg cap on OnlineUr.

So, yeah, better to restart, else you will spend more than 1 second over you're total lifetime with wasted dmg on online-Ur. :D
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