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  3. Powder Barrage is hilariously OP

User Info: thefernus

9 months ago#1
Still learning new stuff about the game after all this time - I've tried the skill before but wasn't super impressed because it had iffy accuracy against some small enemies and didn't seem to do insane damage to them, but while my main account was trade banned I decided to do a full playthrough of BBI on Loli Jr's account with Lina to get her enemy kills and knowledge. I was assasssin with the band equipped and tried spamming it everywhere - holy s***! The damage isn't that incredible compared to skills like Brain Splitter and Ninefold but it can stunlock practically ANYTHING on Normal including Death! The 2 firedrakes in the Sparyard were super easy even with only 2 pawns since I could just use Powder Barrage over and over and keep knocking them back down, I was also able to keep Death from ever swinging his scythe by standing under him and using it while there was also a firedrake in the room (that could barely move due to also being stunlocked).

I should get an assassin's band on my Hard mode account and try it there to see if it still holds up but on Normal it might be the best assassin-exclusive skill, it's so brutal lol.
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User Info: valkyriePROfail

9 months ago#2
Powder barrage with band was one of my fave setups against dragonskin cause of its stun potential while being so damn spammable.
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User Info: MayorOfMayhem

9 months ago#3
It’s a must have when soloing BBI, keeps those annoying ass maneaters in check. Not as convenient as some of the other methods like immolation or cloudburst+reset but still good.
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User Info: Illnesssss

9 months ago#4
I've never even tried it before...
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  3. Powder Barrage is hilariously OP
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