Original Pawn Sharing Club #17

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User Info: daoranamihana

1 week ago#361
My sweat , My blood, Proud Owner of ps4 vita.. Most people call me Pri~ Former MD3 Anarchy member
PSN : dodgepri2

User Info: natedogg57

6 days ago#362
Much appreciation to:

Stig @ Quorthon109 for 182k RC, Heaven's Key DF, BBW lvl 3, and a 5/5/5 rating.

Aerien @ DanieloKAKA for 44k RC, BBW lvl 2, and a 5/5/5 rating.

Also with knowledge of unfamiliar places and enemies (since I haven't bothered with BBI yet).

Thank you both so much, it's a great head start for me. Meant to send this outon Saturday, but grinding captured my full attention.
"You are free to sever the chains of fate that bind you..."-The Legend of Dragoon
PSN: Holy_Knight57 Pawn: Elayne
(edited 6 days ago)
Thanks going out to

Psn ncc1701epicard for 131,008 RCs, a full abyss set (dragonforged), dragonroar (DF), BBW L3, 5/5/5 , is simply perfect

Today I have Irene (psn SOULR666), and Big Bertha (psn DanieloKAKA) for a little more BBI adventuring.
XBL bunny of honor
PSN bunnyrebellion

User Info: Raisil

6 days ago#364
Thank you @bunnyrebellion for 500k RC, a bone lantern, a blessed flower, BBG lvl 3 and 5/5/5 rating. Cheers! ;)
PSN: DanieloKAKA
Arisen: Aerien ; Pawn: Big Bertha

User Info: Raisil

6 days ago#365
Many thanks to Dunham PSN: ncc1701ePicard for dragonforged abyssinal set and BBW lvl 3 :)
PSN: DanieloKAKA
Arisen: Aerien ; Pawn: Big Bertha

User Info: Macrotheblack

5 days ago#366
I’m adding my name to this list to rent and have my pawn rented please, I’ll go thru these pages and send out friends requests 😎

My Pawn is named Desimine and atm she is lvl 15 Mage

My PSN: Mrlymric

Please rent my pawn, I need a lot of RC
PSN: Mrlymric
(edited 5 days ago)

User Info: Burn3dRabbit

5 days ago#367
Thanks to

Bunnyrebellion for 199,533 rc Weapon lv 3 - 5 Star rating My thnakns
PSN Burn3dRabbit-DK - Pawn Nebula lv 200 Voc - Sorcerer INCs : Challenger/Mitigator/Pioneer

User Info: Macrotheblack

4 days ago#368
Thanks to:

dragonlord for 36,311 rc, items and a df abyssinal set of armor for my pawn, she looks hot and 5 star rating 😎
PSN: Mrlymric
(edited 4 days ago)
Got back from dragon hunting and yoshi and I would like to thank

@Burn3dRabbit (psn Burn3dRabbit-DK) for 196,108 RCs, BBAL2, 5/5/5 ratings and I pray we’ll meet again

I’ve got Shiori (psn socaliemokagome) and flora (yuzukimi) today for boring mountebank business and maybe an Ur dragon or two. Said goodbye to @Raisil ‘s Big Bertha for a couple ur dragons where she was very helpful.

Have a great Thursday!!!
XBL bunny of honor
PSN bunnyrebellion

User Info: NotSoSlimJim

4 days ago#370
Raisil posted...
NotSoSlimJim posted...
May I get a hire please?

Sure, I'll hire you today after i get home ;)

Thanks you so much for the hire :)

PSN: DanieloKAKA

1 million Rift Crystals!

BBI Gear Lv3

Metal Golem, Greater Goblins, Death knowledge

Max ratings

Again thank you so much!
A million will set me up for awhile!
I only munch butt on Thursdays
PSN: WetDreamFactory
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