Original Pawn Sharing Club #17

    3 months ago #9
    Poca gives HUUGE thanks to:

    OPSC member(s) ...
    - @lyryn222 | Windspiritsinger (pawn IrkSum) for Dragonblood, Paladin's Mantle, Abyssinal Greaves, Abyssinal Bracers, Ancient Circlet, Iron Bandings, Abyssinal Outfit, Portcrystal x4, 5/5/5 ratings and All the best to you.
    - @Purelove777 | PureLove_777 (pawn Andrew) for 7,625 RC, Bitterblack Novelty Lv.1, Foes, Gransys, 5/5/5 ratings and You've been raised well!
    - @Freddy | Freddy-1987 (pawn Vanesa) for 2,487 RC, Scrag of Beast, 5/4/5 ratings and Was an invaluable asset.

    Non-OPSC member(s) ...
    - ChrisRedgrove for 5,016 RC and Foes, Quests, Gransys
    - 13randonPrice for 12,423 RC and Foes and areas
    - gurrunete for 12,632 RC, Giant Rotten Fish, Foes, quests and areas, 3/4/4 ratings and I pray we'll meet again.
    - RomTiddle1337 for Small Fish, Foes, quests and Gransys and 3/4/4 ratings
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    //DD:DA Pawn: Poca, Ranger | Challenger/Mitigator/Utilitarian