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User Info: thefernus

1 year ago#31
frogwalloper posted...
@valkyriePROfail - how true is that with certain inclinations?
It's something I've been wondering about for a while.

The consensus has always been that blues and Utilitarians benefit a lot from a complete bestiary, but what about the other vocations and primaries: yellow or red Mitigators, Challengers, Scathers, etc... How necessary is a bestiary entry to them?

It probably depends on how complicated their role is, Altair has few 3 star bestiary entries and she seems pretty functional:


Her only job is to spam Dragon's Maw and perfect block things so... maybe she'll block more often with an improved bestiary though.
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User Info: frogwalloper

1 year ago#32
@thefernus That's a perfect example. Aside from blocking a few foe specific attacks by things like the Gazer or a Cockatrice, I can't think of any knowledge that's going to assist a red. Then there's knowledge like climbing certain foes that they'd be better off not having at all.

For a yellow it may come down to a few specific things too, like aiming for a Cyclop's eye. I have no idea if the bestiary comes into play if they have a variety of specialty arrows when they confront certain foes.

Seems like all of the important stuff is learned in early encounters.

User Info: valkyriePROfail

1 year ago#33
Bestiary knowledge not only makes pawn exploit enemy weaknesses but also improves their overall performance on red/yellow vocations, positioning, bloquing, I would even say better stamina usage as well. Its very noticeable on eliminators, elder ogres or anything susceptible to be climbed. Personally I have noticed a big difference on my pawns.
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User Info: Pawkie07

1 year ago#34
AI is bad and at times good. The pawns learn as you play. The more knowledge the pawn acquires the better your pawn will behave in combat.

User Info: InfernoRodan

1 year ago#35
Yeah, I kept Sol set to private until recently specifically for the purpose of raising him 100% "clean," as in without learning anything from other players. He was... pretty dopey for quite a while, even with me keeping on top of his inclinations. Like, he didn't even perfect block very much, despite what we all know about Fighter Pawns being perfect block machines normally. Now that he's got 2-3 stars on pretty much everything, he's a murder machine.
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User Info: valkyriePROfail

1 year ago#36
All classes are amazing when bestiary knowledge is maxed. Ranger 10folds eliminators in the head when they have pinned an ally, a fighter can solo 3eliminators+3elder ogres w/o consumable or recaps, striders become godly in every regard, like even more than they were w/o knowledge, casters positioning is FAR better, they get hit and get cancelled their spells a lot less and fighters tend to do focused attacks a lot more efficiently.
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User Info: frogwalloper

1 year ago#37
@InfernoRodan, @valkyriePROfail - very interesting. And surprising, though maybe it shouldn't be - a lot of intricacies in the coding of this game.
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