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User Info: ReiderAsmadi

9 months ago#41
Falthin posted...
What are the views on Toukiden 2 ?

I got it cheap thinking it was an action combat game sort of like dogma but then found out it was a sort of monster hunter game where the mechanics and weapon techniques sound a bit confusing.

It's still on my shelf waiting for me to play it. Is it worth a go - or do you need to be an expert at how to play it to bother starting it ?

Toukiden 2 IMO is an easier game overall.

It's not a bad game by any means, just that I got kinda bored with it by the time I cleared their rendition of high rank. Not much going for it on the post-game content either barring grinding for mitamas(warrior spirits with skills you equip).

Also notable that it's online is essentially dead so if you're looking for a multiplayer experience, might wanna give that a pass.

On the other topic though: I'm glad to see people are enjoying MH. It's been a favorite of mine since some friends introduced me to 3U back when that was new. :)
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User Info: Fear_Awakens

9 months ago#42
Falthin posted...
What are the views on Toukiden 2 ?

I got it cheap thinking it was an action combat game sort of like dogma but then found out it was a sort of monster hunter game where the mechanics and weapon techniques sound a bit confusing.

It's still on my shelf waiting for me to play it. Is it worth a go - or do you need to be an expert at how to play it to bother starting it ?

It's very easy. It's more friendly to beginners than MHW, and has a superior weapon tutorial system to show you how to do everything with each weapon unlike how MHW just tosses you into a clearing with a barrel and a weapon.

The Mitama system allows for a lot of in-depth customization that alters the playing style significantly. The online is dead, but you can bring the AI party members with you everywhere. The AI party members will really help you out.

Story mode caps out at Low Rank, but High Rank quests exist for a while after that. It's actually a lot of fun, but if you're in it for multiplayer, then you're late to the party. World is out now, so that's where they went.

The Toukiden series is just as good as MH, in my opinion, and I'm still hoping for Toukiden 2 Kiwami or Toukiden 3 in the future because there's a lot of lore left to play with there. But Toukiden and Monster Hunter are fairly similar, at the basics. Toukiden is just more oriental in theme, with Oni, Samurai and the Mitama being figures from Japanese history, and the weapons all having an eastern tilt to them. Toukiden 2 dips into Western lore, with a few Western history Mitama and the Chain Whip and Sword and Shield weapon, as well as the Western-themed Oni, like the Dragons.

Monster Hunter World has: Greatsword, Hammer, Longsword, Light Bowgun, Heavy Bowgun, Charge Blade, Switch Axe, Insect Glaive, Sword and Shield, Lance, Gunlance, Bow, Dual Blades, and the Hunting Horn.

Toukiden 2 has: Longsword, Great Club, Rifle, Bow, Gauntlets, Spear, Naginata, Twin Daggers, Chain Sickle, Chain Whip, Sword and Shield.

Some weapons are very similar, like Insect Glaive and Naginata, and others share a name and even look alike, but are used very differently, like the Low Stance MHW Longsword and the Middle Stance Toukiden Longsword.

User Info: Falthin

9 months ago#43
Thanks for the info both of you, @Fear_Awakens @ReiderAsmadi

I've been giving it a go over the last few days and am quite enjoying it.
I've been mixing it up with free roam exploring, story missions and the quests and getting on ok with it.
I'm really only playing for single player unless any friends want to do some co-op and the AI companions are pretty good - I don't feel like all the fighting is left to me.
I've started with the longsword but I might try the Naginata and see how I like that.
I do seem to hit my team-mates just as often as I hit an Oni but they don't seem to mind much -- I can see why it's not a popular choice in MHW though as I think you trip your team up in multiplayer there.

The weapon tutorial was very good but I think I need work on the Mitama bit - I've been switching them around a bit but often seem to have a lot of boosts listed as inactive as they all seem to relate to the weapon mitama, so if they are placed in the hand or armour their boost skills don't count.

Still I'm only in chapter 3 - not sure I'll stick it out for a long grind but it's quite fun for now.

Haven't touched the ruins missions either - might do those when I've got better equipment.

User Info: Fear_Awakens

9 months ago#44
Naginata is my main weapon. I use a PLN/SPD/PLN build, and I can pop Destroyers almost non-stop. PLN on weapon and armor, SPD on claw. Once you rip off three Oni limbs in the first ten seconds of a fight, that Oni is less of a threat for the rest of that fight. Naginata is largely meant for high-speed, low-damage attacks. It's very mobile, however, being one of the few melee weapons that allows for easy aerial attacks, and it can parry literally any attack, providing you got the timing down.

As you score more hits, you build an aura, and as that aura grows in power and size, your attacks become faster and stronger. Max aura, combined with the Mirage skill from a SPD Mitama on your claw and the appropriate gauge-building skills from an active PLN style, will feature your Destroyer gauge filling up in mere seconds.

Early on, you have limited access to Mitama, but there's a few good guides on where to get them and what skills to have access to once the Mitama has unlocked that make a good setup. Here's the weapons and Mitama spreadsheets. They should be of some use to you. Keep in mind, though, most of the better Mitama are infuriatingly only available from Hard Mode Oni. What I did on my second playthrough was do the Offline SP Missions to full capacity, then do the Story Missions in High Rank endgame gear with my optimal Mitama setup. Naginata: Sakamoto Otome - PLN, Armor: Date Masamune - PLN, Claw: Lady Tokiwa - SPD.

It pretty much lets me drop Destroyers constantly.



User Info: Falthin

9 months ago#45
I started using the Nagnata after my last post and m really liking it. Benizuki gave me her crimson blade so I made her weapon and that seems to be my best option for Naginatas - presumably until I start a higher difficulty or something.
Just started ch 6 - about to do the "final battle" back in time I think so I'm clearing some quests etc.

Its annoying that some of the mitama quests can be picked up but can't be completed.

I don't have may PLNs so I'm using SPD , DEF , SPD ( def on armour ) and have got some that all work well together so all skills are boosted and attack speed is boosted for each skill. Mirage is great.
I was liking the PLN on my sword though while I used that, so I'll try to get more.

The spear girl's affinity weapon has about 100 extra damage though, as do some of the others but I assume my speed offsets that a little bit.
The best armour I can make at the moment ( best def + aegis ) is a mix of ninja legs and a corset or bikini top. ( not complaining ) until I can get more tier 3 materials.
I can get better defense but it would mean giving up a lot of aegis in some cases ( legs and gloves mainly ) which I probably need.

Anyway, thanks for the links ( I do look at the T2 board but it's mainly to search old topics as it's a bit dead ) and I'm still having fun.

User Info: Fear_Awakens

9 months ago#46
All Aegis does is determine how big the Red portion of your health bar is and how fast it regenerates. DEF will actually help you out more in the long run, especially if you're running Nagi and you won't get hit a lot to begin with, since you'll parry and dodge most attacks. For example, if you have 0 Aegis, the red portion of your health isn't going to regenerate at all.

On character-unique weapons, like the Kakuhime Blade from Benizuki, they actually are some of the strongest weapons in the class. But later on, you can pick up the Mitama Weapons from maxing out bonds with a Mitama that can drop a shard, which you can use to make a powerful weapon. Case in point, if you max your bond with the King Arthur Mitama, you can forge Excalibur for the Sword and Shield weapon, and Excalibur can be upgraded into Caladbolg, which is arguably the strongest weapon in the Sword and Shield class.

Weapon damage isn't the most important stat, per se. For example, there's Ogre Clubs with attack stats upwards of 1000, but if you stink with a club, you're still going to do better with a weapon that has less attack, like the Naginata, if you do well with that one. Don't be seduced by the high numbers. If you're bad with them, they won't count s*** for dick.

That said, none of the weapons are outright bad, the the tutorials are good, so if you really want to try a new weapon out like one of those sex-ass clubs that can pound out 1500 per hit, go for it. Just don't expect it to play anything like the Naginata. Any setup can be good. But really, armor isn't extremely important until High Rank kicks off, which isn't until the story is over. It still helps, but you can essentially just be a Fashion Slayer until such a time as it gets into HR.

Even at High Rank, I use the DLC armor and weapons just because I like the way they look. And here are some not-entirely-unrelated screenshots, because I love to share them.


User Info: Falthin

9 months ago#47
Not that great at parrying unfortunately - don't think it works mid combo so it doesn't often activate when I press the buttons.

However, I've been getting Aegis on the armour mixed up with dex on the weapon. For some reason I thought aegis was the crit stat.
No, I don't need it much after all.
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