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User Info: bunnyrebellion

9 months ago#1
We are all curious about Capcom’s new release, it had lots of buzz, for those who are thinking about playing p, I’ll tell you about my experience

Why it’s like dogma:

Very social
Free world exploration
Quests, mini quests
Big monsters, small monsters
You get a cat, not a pawn, it’s cute but won’t steal your kills
Instead of 3 pawns you get 3 real people, don’t worry, they don’t chatter, it’s actually fairly anonymous, so in many ways you get that team feeling and unexpected crazy stuff happens
As far as I can tell, nobody judges your gameplay
Yes you can play solo too, most people choose solo for one stuff and go coop for the hard missions
The menus and armor look and feel familiar, little learning curve but you can ask advice there is a board, and there are discord chat things too
Replay value: you can loadout on quests and repeat quests, always events by capcom, we can score street fighter armor etc event is this week.
You can dedicate your entire session to helping newbies by dropping in on their session if they send out an SOS. Be the guardian angel...it’s so awesome.
You get help on your own missions by sending out an SOS (I send one out on almost every mission) and get an assist equivalent to hiring level 200 pawns to bust up an enemy that is ruining your day

Why you will find it hard

It’s not a walk on the park, it is specifically designed for multiplayer so if you plan on doing the whole story, expect on needing help. That being said, I’ll be happy to help you personally, the way 2 gamers helped me. We farmed for stuff to get me better armor and more confidence. Hey I still suck, but not as fragile...
Initial weapons are like fighting a T Rex with a toothpick. Expect to get butt whupped by a lizard. That will be your first or second day. I pretty much lost hope by the 3rd day but as I said, some gamers, including a dogma gamer helped me get stronger armors.

You will get lost, but the maps are WAY better than dogma

The menus are small. Goodby coffee table, hello TV that is currently 5 feet from where I moved the couch. Much better. Maybe you have good eyes, but I heard others complain

Sometimes your sole motivation is to get this or that piece of armor to survive this or that fight. Like olra having a bad hair day, it takes time. Farm for it with others and it’s less tedious...

You can’t pause mid battle. You can leave but you can’t pause. Or save. But if you are playing multiplayer, the way you are supposed to play, you’ll soon realize why you can’t just bail without it affecting 3 other gamers. So that’s 8 to 15 minutes to finish (average)

Anyways I’m glad my hunting thing went bad because I was forced to learn Monster Hunter, and I’ll be very glad to recommend it as a great game that keeps me even more engaged than dogma. Until we get a sequel.....

User Info: chufa

9 months ago#2
I didn't like it. Fights are too long, atmosphere too juvenile, can't seem to get into it.
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User Info: krys_strabec

9 months ago#3
"You get a cat, not a pawn, it’s cute but won’t steal your kills"

Mine has. I forget what I was hunting. It must have been one hit away. My trusty Palico Fiddlesticks rushed in and whacked it once and down it went. It was hilarious!

I haven't got PS plus yet so I'm hunting alone to get used to the combat and gameplay. But I would love to go hunting sometime! I'm just about to do the Wildspire quest with the Barroth (that's right I'm a slow player, that's how I learn and enjoy a game!).


My hunter and Palico!

User Info: Phil_Resch

9 months ago#4
I tried the beta when it was available, desperately looking for something similar to DD, but it didn't really click. I hadn't a great experience with controls and with the flow of the battles in general. As the previous poster said, the style is too juvenile and I didn't like the jungle setting either (although I assume there are more environements in the game).

Dragon's Dogma stands unsurpassed, for me.
Google is your friend, use it.

User Info: vonhizzle

9 months ago#5
@krys_strabec Looking good! But what is that thing on your back? Looks like a giant pocket knife!
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User Info: krys_strabec

9 months ago#6
@vonhizzle It's a switch axe. It morphs from a axe to a sword (that sort of chainsaws and does elemental damage) I've just begun with it. When I start a new weapon I try to get a few moves I can do in a fight (or panic!) and learn the rest as I go.

Cross your fingers. I expect the next quest to go badly!

User Info: bunnyrebellion

9 months ago#7
I pretty much expect more ppl to reply with the juvenile setting and battle that is both frustrating and confusing but it’s worth putting a few hours into climbing the learning curve hill.

I felt much the same way, I can’t tell you how badly I wanted to like the game and how badly I felt when it didn’t live up to my hopes. That being said, after getting better armor and a weapon that worked I was able to judge the game on how I felt while playing, and I completely get immersed in gameplay and the graphics make more sense because this is a title for everyone and the monsters are so intimidating, the design gives a bit of comic relief.

I saw a few friends staying up for round the clock gaming....I was curious....

So after I gave it a chance, dragged against my will by another dogma gamer, somehow it started to all come together. I’m very happy I have it a 2nd, 3rd, 4th chance because it was worth it.

It has exceeded my expectations. Not trying to sell anything but if you either have the game or can try a friend’s copy, you might get a really nice surprise. If it takes a week to figure it out, so be it, you’ll get weeks and probably years of gaming

User Info: moseph187

9 months ago#8
I’ve been having a great time with MH so I’d definitely recommend it to everyone but I will say it’s not the most welcoming game and can do a bad job at explaining things at times and new players may find a few hurdles they need to get over at the start but once you speak its language and learn all the mechanics I think people will find a great game that can be enjoyed solo or with friends.
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User Info: vonhizzle

9 months ago#9
Unfortunately I cannot in good faith buy an incomplete game. I always wait for the goty version with all DLC. I really hate the DLC business model.
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User Info: Hash062

9 months ago#10
Monster Hunter has no magic system. It's totally different from Dogma just by this reason alone.
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