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User Info: GabrielleM

1 year ago#11
Cosette wants to thank...

OPSC member(s) ...
- @Savior999 | Savior99 (pawn Brunhilda) for 363,534 RC, Bitterblack Novelty Lv.3, 5/5/5 ratings and Employed skills masterfully.

PSN ID TerminusCross
DDDA Pawn Cosette lv100 Mage

User Info: mr_freddie

1 year ago#12
Syvia sends her regards to the following

CptH1ndsight for 5k rc

luffykill177 for 40k rc

MiniFx for 83k rc

and LoveloveEda for 94k rc

dang guys thanks , make me feel special

while on topic

Yillbaki sends her thanks to Exquisite_don for 166k rc and a dragon claw

Nice bro thanks
Psn: Darkbwoi Pawn : Yillbaki / Alt : Thatdogagain Pawn Sylvia
Currently playing : Dragons dogma dark arisen

User Info: Wh1t3Mask

1 year ago#13
Murasaki wants to thank...

TheLazyScott for Pine Branch, 24,070 RC, 5/5/5 rating and a Saved us countless times.

First hire of the day.
PSN: CherryTheCrazy Arisen: Myst || Pawn: Murasaki PS4

User Info: YoruPoru

1 year ago#14
Evee sends her thanks to:

OPSC member(s) ...

- @500up | fivehundredup (pawn Summer) for 113,950 RC, Putrid Dragon Scale, Netherstone, Nightfall Cresset, White Wine, 5/5/5 ratings and Is simply perfect!

Non-OPSC member(s) ...
- SilentRaven_X for 25,943 RC

Ellie sends hugs and thanks to:

OPSC member(s) ...
- @Principality | makoreactor (pawn Elspeth) for 2,414 RC, Liquid Vim, 5/5/5 ratings and 'Tis an honor.

Thanks so much! Evelyn and Ellie are back to their normal outfits. Finally going to finish causing trouble with Lumen and Summer.
PSN YoruPoru | Lv. 200 Strider - Cattleya

User Info: moseph187

1 year ago#15
Enid thanks

Non OPSC member

partxipun2 for 55,719RC Scrag of Beast and 4/4/4 rating

SentientAtoms for 19,155RC Golden Talisman and 5/5/5 rating

jc_in_az for 18,438RC and I think her 2nd Strigoi star!

Mistle thanks

Non OPSC member

ARG_gorila for 81,973

Iskra thanks

Non OPSC members

pueblomo for 4,879RC

Arkek for 1,631RC

CartoonRacoon for 7,040RC Conqueror’s Periapt and 5/4/4 rating

futurepred for 53,393RC Grandgrapes and 5/5/5 rating

Milva thanks

OPSC member

@dunham-com for 75,960RC BBI Armor Lv.2 and 5/5/5 rating

Just spent the last hour with Trixeela and Ruxeela from @Corvoid again to get 10 levels of Strider for Enid before she hits 100 now that’s done it’s Sorceress all the way now.
I also finally got Mistle her brain splitter and hailstorm volley ring after purifying what seems like 100+ BBI gears and she’s now pretty much complete other than maybe some tweaks to her armor and her last few bestiary stars so thanks to everyone who helped her and in a previous life Cahir alone the way.
PSN:Moseph187/Pawn:Milva 200 ranger
PSN:ALTarisen/Pawn:Mistle 200 strider PSN:GeraltOfGransys/Pawn:Iskra 65 warrior PSN:Arisenkin/Pawn:Enid 95 sorceress

User Info: Corvoid

1 year ago#16
Foxeela thanks @Orasion_Seiz for sending her home with 68,486 RC, a wakestone, 5-star ratings, and "excelled in all regards". Very kind of you, ser!

We had the pleasure of a romp through Gransys with your awesome sorceress, May, and just sent her back to you. Hope she gets there safely!
psn Corvoid (Vixeela, lv 200 sorc) /// psn Corvoid2 (Trixeela, lv 20 sorc)
psn Corvoid3 (Ruxeela, lv 20 sorc) /// psn Corvoid4 (Foxeela, lv 85 sorc)

User Info: Orasion_Seiz

1 year ago#17
@Corvoid - im glad she came home safely. I lost her back in BBI due to some interferance. Ran back to the nearest rifstone asap.

Thanks for taking my pawn out also. Will be checking her out tomorrow. Have a good day!
The strong shall live, the weak shall perish. Survival of the fittest. - Shishio Makoto

User Info: paasky

1 year ago#18
Lara Croft sends enormous thanks to

OPSC members ...

- @chris99si | babaganoush01 (pawn Elana) for 395,533 RC, Monk's Periapt, Angel's Periapt and 5/5/5 ratings
- @mystick | myst1ck (pawn Kitty) for 339,950 RC
- @chris99si | babaganoushctech (pawn Poli) for 1,000,000 RC and Bitterblack Armor Lv.2
- @GabrielleM | TerminusCross (pawn Cosette) for 30,134 RC, Black Crystal, 5/5/5 ratings and Oft aided the party.
- @breadprince (pawn Vanagloria) for 294,325 RC
- @Principality | makoreactor (pawn Elspeth) for 24,284 RC, Grandgrapes, 5/5/5 ratings and It has been a pleasure.

Non-OPSC members ...

- One-Zero-Nine23 (pawn Silent Angel) for 562,540 RC, 5/5/5 ratings and Was our finest warrior.

Hires greatly appreciated and will be returning favors soon! :)
PSN: Laura_76 | Lara Croft | Fighter lvl 200

User Info: fire_de

1 year ago#19
greetings to

TerminusCross (GabrielleM), 29k, night ore and 5* - Thank you!!

and i created a new pawn, Wynter PSN hanhart1, currently fighter or warrior at lvl 12. any help with knowledge is hightly appreciated :)
PSN:hanhart1 Pawn:Wynter, Fighter lvl 12
PSN:hanhart Pawn:Pazuzu, Strider lvl 200

User Info: moseph187

1 year ago#20
@fire_de I’ll be happy to help for all you’ve done for me! I’ll pick up Wynter next and I’ve also had Pazuzu with my alt for the last couple of Ur kills and she’s been great.

PSN:Moseph187/Pawn:Milva 200 ranger
PSN:ALTarisen/Pawn:Mistle 200 strider PSN:GeraltOfGransys/Pawn:Iskra 65 warrior PSN:Arisenkin/Pawn:Enid 95 sorceress
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