Original Pawn Sharing Club #16

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2 months ago #9
Xena would like to thank the fantastic rents from:

OPSC members
@GabrielleM (Cosette) for the 63,018RC, panacea, 5/5/5 rating

@500up (Autumn) for the 89,724RC, 2x Barbed nails, dragon forged maidens camisole, sour ambrosial meat, 5/5/5 rating

@Kabrahack (Ghost) for the 33,375RC, abysmal eye, 5/5/5 rating

Non OPSC members
Animus21 - 99,715RC
SaSa_der - 104,308RC
You-not-happy - 93,581RC
Gus-mos-par - 67,559RC, port crystal
Yayakami - 8,087RC

Absolutely fantastic. Thank you
PSN: Exquisite_Don /// Pawn: Xena (fighter lvl 132)