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2 months ago #8
My "secret" pawn, Xeela (lv 10) on psn Corvoid6, was allowed to go on a couple of outings with trusted friends.

She is grateful to the Ur hunters at psn buffyrebellion, alt account of @dunham-com
Received were 25,660 RC, a df'ed Dragon Knight's Mantle, a Flame Skirt, an Abyssinal Armor, a df'ed Apollo Mask, a Talarian White, a BBA3, 5/5/5 and "excelled in all regards"

The next day, she was taken out by psn GeraltofGransys, alt account of @moseph187
She got home safely with 15,846 RC, a Grandblossom (new!), 5/5/5 and "excelled in all regards"

Thank you again for taking care of the little whelp, sending the gifts, and putting-in the nice comments.
psn Corvoid (Vixeela, lv 200 sorc) /// psn Corvoid2 (Trixeela, lv 20 sorc)
psn Corvoid3 (Ruxeela, lv 20 sorc) /// psn Corvoid4 (Foxeela, lv 85 sorc)