Original Pawn Sharing Club #16

    1 month ago #2
    Marina sends her thanks to:

    OPSC member(s) ...
    - @krys_strabec | WritersMacGuffin (pawn Endellion) for 378,684 RC, Kept Golden Egg, Herb Ale, Hydra's Lifeblood, BBG3, Banshees, Unfamiliar Location x1, 5/5/5 ratings and 'Tis an honor.
    - @GabrielleM | TerminusCross (pawn Cosette) for 31,637 RC, Ember Crystal, Gransys, 5/5/5 ratings and Offered precision support.
    - @500up | eighthundredup (pawn Autumn) for 174,380 RC, Flask of water, Lava Flower, White Wine, Goblins, Hobgoblins, Grimgoblins, Wolves, Direwolves, Hellhounds, Undead Warriors, Cyclopes, Griffin's!, The Dragon, Enemy Person, Greater Goblins, Wargs, Gorecyclops, The Wyrmking's Ring, Of Merchants and Monsters, The Dragon's Tongue, Unfamiliar Quest x5, Gransys, Gran Sören, The Catacombs, The Shadow Fort, The Ancient Quarry, Unfamiliar Location x3, 5/5/5 ratings and Is simply perfect!
    - @Kabrahack | NeriumDelirium (pawn Ghost) for 158,477 RC, Red Wine, Enemy Person, Unfamiliar quest x5, Gransys, The Ancient Quarry, Unfamiliar Location x2, 5/5/5 ratings and It has been a pleasure.

    Ikaika sends his thanks to:

    OPSC member(s) ...
    - @dragonslayerj | dragonlordJ (pawn Lilith) for 291,435 RC, Red Wine, 2x Putrid Dragon Scale, Herb Ale, 2x Jewel of Time, 5/5/5 ratings and Always a pleasure.
    - @500up | fivehundredup (pawn Summer) for 332,486 RC, Sour Ambrosial Meat, Twigbean, Carrot, Red Wine, Wolves, Direwolves, Hellhounds, Wargs, Garm, 5/5/5 ratings and Is simply perfect!
    - @500up | eighthundredup (pawn Autumn) for 263,997 RC, Bucket, Fishing Bob, Small Fish, Large Fish, Giant Fish, 5/5/5 ratings and Is simply perfect!

    Non-OPSC member(s) ...
    - Alvariito2001 for 218,310 RC

    Thanks so much! Marina and Eirena are about to release Galileo. Chloe and Ellie still have Lumen and Summer.
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