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User Info: Redmacabre

1 year ago#1
Apart from the Seneschal, the Cursed Dragon is the only enemy I need to fill out Spirit's bestiary, but no matter what I try I just can't get the 3rd star to pop.

I've been following the wiki and done everything on the list several times and have made sure both my Arisen and Spirit have been hit by the relevant attacks (Fallen City's Lassitude and had items rot in inventory). Killed my fiftieth CD this morning.

I just don't know what is left to do, and I admit, it's starting to do my head in.

User Info: AliceUnchained

1 year ago#2
Sometimes they have to see the Dark Bishop both resurrect and possess the Cursed Dragon multiple times, also a pawn will say "Augh, our meat and vegetables rot" even without knowledge, so you may want to bring along more perishables and keep loading them on your pawn and holding him/her in front of the toxic breath. This knowledge star is a total pain, it's one I have the most difficult time with. :/
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User Info: Redmacabre

1 year ago#3
Yeah I've been doing that too.

I unequipped weapons on my Pawns and then ran around the Dark Bishop for an hour to watch him resurrect and possess his CD and all the fresh/sour/moldy meat and veg I've been hoarding for the last three play throughs has been reduced to rotten mush (both Spirit's inventory and mine) via the Fallen City CD.

User Info: Orasion_Seiz

1 year ago#4
You have to do a perfect block on its lunge attack also. I think im missing this as well but im lazy right now to train even my own pawn.
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User Info: Redmacabre

1 year ago#5
Done that too, which wasn't easy because I've got poor reflexes.

Unless I have to get Spirit to do it? Equip her with a shield but no skills?
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User Info: Corvoid

1 year ago#7
On the last pawn i did this with, it was only after the third time her curatives rotted (fresh, sour, rot) that the knowledge for it registered in her stubborn head.
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User Info: Redmacabre

1 year ago#8
I guess I'll keep farming the Fallen City dragon then, they seem to be the most reliable one to do this.

User Info: DirtyBaz

1 year ago#9
This just popped for me a couple of days ago and it was rotten breath attack.

I've killed about 200 cursed dragons, seen the breath plenty of times and when it popped yesterday, no-one was carrying any produce.

The knowledge flags just don't register properly.
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User Info: valkyriePROfail

1 year ago#10
In my experience pawn seems to have to witness his/her own stuff rotting and arisen’s.
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