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    Hello everyone! We have reached the second season of photo adventures with my team!

    The photo adventures are photo gift sets that I like to put together of "guests" that stir up trouble with my team. Each pawn guest will be guaranteed the following photos:

    ~5 action photos
    ~2 group photos
    ~3 portrait photos

    Of course, I will always aim for more! Photo adventures will primarily come from my PSN account LeoIndy. If you receive these two items: Ancient Scroll ("photo album") and either a bottle of booze or juice, then your pawn had a photo adventure shoot!

    There will be mini adventures as well that take place on my other accounts. Those do not have a set number or a special gift item.

    There will be one adventure shared a week, with the photo sets spanning across the following days:

    ~Day 1: Group Photos
    ~Day 2: Guest #1 Action Photos
    ~Day 3: Guest #1 Portrait Photos
    ~Day 4: Guest #2 Action Photos
    ~Day 5: Guest #2 Portrait Photos

    Each pawn will have their own individual album where all his/her photos will be kept. All albums will be stored on my Imgur account: https://yoruporu.imgur.com/
    PSN YoruPoru | Lv. 200 Strider - Cattleya