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User Info: f0rca

3 months ago#11
@Sypha_Soul Ah okay I must've missed it, thanks for letting me know!
GT: PREV4IL PSN: n9Lives-

User Info: VivusMortuA

3 months ago#12
Have been moving into new house... so not got a chance to be on much for a few days, I'm back on it, sorry.
Also, going to level willow soon.
Would like to throw my love and thanks to all on this big list!!
OPSC member(s) ...

- @EnormeMostro (pawn Irkravatiz) for 33,866 RC, Parcel, 5/5/5 ratings and Hello.
- @DrPwnMD | Dr_Pwn_MD (pawn Wednesday) for 205,353 RC and Bitterblack Novelty Lv.1
- @KeldarnMourn (pawn Arundul) for 710,646 RC:o, Bitterblack Novelty Lv.3, 5/5/5 ratings and Employed skills masterfully.

Non-OPSC member(s) ...

- kurouma99 (pawn Shadow) for 114,957 RC and 5/5/5 ratings
- shIkage (pawn Yuria) for 15,236 RC, 5/5/5 ratings and Was our finest warrior.
- Retribution1981 (pawn Yodi) for 99,261 RC, Scrag of Beast and 5/5/5 ratings
- farmerstephen212 (pawn Akira) for 68,631 RC, Golden Egg and 5/5/5 ratings
- kurouma99 (pawn Shadow) for 96,555 RC and 5/5/5 ratings
- Franktrain74 (pawn Balrog) for 149,261 RC, 5/5/5 ratings and Has an compelling mystique.
- sh-Ioo5 (pawn Larry) for 58,560 RC, 4/4/4 ratings and Was our finest warrior.
- Jello2515 (pawn Biry) for 121,838 RC and 5/4/4 ratings
PSN: VivusMortuA
Pawn: Willow lvl 70 Ranger Mitigator/Challenger/Utilitarian

User Info: CreedXIII

3 months ago#13
My thanks go out to OPSC members:

@KeldarnMourn| KeldarnMourn (Pawn Arundul)
for 842,400 RC, BBI Novelty Lv.3, 5/5/5 ratings and You've been raised well!
Lots of RC! Thank you so much!
@lyryn222 | Sunspiritsinger (Pawn Winsum)
for 197,493 RC, lots of gifts, 5/5/5 ratings, bestiary knowledge of at least 10 monsters, and is adorable beyond words. Also thanks for giving Tharja a nice change of fashion ;-)
@EnormeMostro | EnormeMostro (Pawn Irkravatiz)
for 111,278 RC, BBI Gear Lv.3, 5/5/5, Bestiary Knowledge of almost every Wolf species in existence and I pray we'll meet again. Thank you!
@moseph187 | Moseph187 (Pawn Milva)
for 64,168 RC, BBI Novelty Lv.3, 5/5/5 and Used skills well at times. Thanks!
@nyyppa | nyyypa (Pawn Grace)
for 1,000,000 RC, Salomet's Secret, 5/5/5 and My thanks.
Thank you very much for the RC, much appreciated!

non OPSC members:

@DanRoom27 (Pawn Robin)
for 18,266 RC, Dragon's Spit, Knowledge of Gran Soren and Evil Eyes, and 4/4/4.

Also special shoutout @waffles177 pawn Megumin. There is nothing about your pawn that i don't love. Amazing job in pawn creation and choosing the gear :D
Having Grand Bolide as first skill is the icing on the cake.
Pawn: Tharja, Sorcerer Lvl 200

User Info: lyryn222

3 months ago#14
Said 'tata" to @Karmikazzee's pawns Mist and Knot. Win suckered @ScaryHallway 's Xanthus and @nyyppa 's Grace into joining the team
PSN: Sunspiritsinger: Pawn WinSum (Lvl 200) Sorceress

User Info: Raios-Rogue

3 months ago#15
@moseph187 thank you for taking Salomet with you for pictures but there seems to have somekind of a problem because the pictures are to dark when i upload them it stays pitch black it doesn't want to upload can you take him again With Regis and while your playing find some spot where there is sun and it's bright and take a few more pictures thank you as well for giving me some starting gear

Reporting some hires for Salomet
thank you

OPSC member(s) ...

- @moseph187 | GeraltOfGransys (pawn Regis) for 10,303 RC, Ebon Neck Wrap, Wizard's Boots, Jade Bangles, Sage's Robe, Laurel Circlet, Braided Hosen, Plucked Heart, Torn Grimoire Preface, Unfamiliar Location, 5/5/5 ratings and 'Tis an honor.

Non-OPSC member(s) ...

- Serfix88 for 5,817 RC, Unfamiliar Location, Gransys, Cassardis, Dripstone Cave, Gran Soren, 4/4/4 ratings and My thanks.

I'll be playing for a week my Mystic Knight on my new psn RaiosRagnos and i won't be much active with rents because i want to take a small break from playing to much because i farmed Daimon All night for 5 days to get the savior ring for Isengrim and in the mean time hiring a lot of people's pawns and also returning a lot of hires.I'll be back on Isengrim next week to continue his adventure in the everfall slay the UR online dragon and return some rents.I Apologize to people that are not getting their hire back on the spot i am just a bit tired
PSN Raios-Rogue
Pawn Isengrim Esparon

User Info: Lord_Asriel

3 months ago#16
lyra wants to thank:

n9Lives- 324967 RCs, siren and banshee 3rd star (!!!), 5/5/5

Thanks so much!
PSN: awaldie
Pawn: Lyra; Vocation: Ranger

User Info: lyryn222

3 months ago#17
Xanthus (ScaryHallway) and Grace (nyyppa) made a quick exit prior to Win meeting the Seneschal for the first time so the RC isn't huge but both pawns gained a bit of knowledge.
PSN: Sunspiritsinger: Pawn WinSum (Lvl 200) Sorceress

User Info: Raios-Rogue

3 months ago#18
I went and change Isengrim's Inclinations because i won't play him for a week at least
and i want to say a quick thank you to

OPSC member(s) ...

- @Dunham | ncc1701ePicard (pawn Allura) for 27,585 RC, Bitterblack Armor Lv.3, Bitterblack Weapon Lv.3, Bitterblack Armor Lv.3, 5/5/5 ratings and Excelled in all regards.

Non-OPSC member(s) ...

- falloutfox for 212,730 RC and Unfamiliar Location
- SOULREAVER_DIMI (pawn Athena) for 189,396 RC and Unfamiliar Location
- Trivia_Nerd for 114,130 RC and Sinister Fang
PSN Raios-Rogue
Pawn Isengrim Esparon

User Info: Karmikazzee

3 months ago#19
Some belated thanks to go out.

Knot sends huge hugs and slugs to,
@arcanedarsen 194k RC, Salomet's Secret, and "Excelled in all regards" Thanks! :)
@smashie122 125k RC, Greatwyrm Stone, and "Employed skills Masterfully" :))
@Chachi808 35k RC, BBA-3! Nice! and "My thanks" :)
@DrPwnMD 79k RC

Mist smiles and tips her circlet to,
@KeldarnMourn RC Bomb!!! BBN-3, and "Marked you a favorite" Nice! :)
@CreedXIII 135k RC, Greatwyrm Stone, and "Is simply perfect!" Thanks!
@Gimlithedwarfkin 113k RC, and "Was an invaluable asset" Fix your gamefaq name! :)
@paasky 35k RC, Apple, and "Would have pawn again" Nice to see Lara up and running! :))
@Aeshmah 192k RC, BBW-3, and "Employed skills masterfully" Thanks!
@moseph187 77k RC, BBN-3, and "Has a balanced beauty" :)))
@lyryn222 166k RC, Veteran's Periapt, and "You've been raised well" Appreciate that! :)
Mordhart 32k RC, Bloodstained Periapt, and "Always a pleasure" :)

@moseph187 Thanks so much for the pictures! Ha, unfortunately you hired her right when was doing a little experimenting with her look, (always leave a change for a bit to see if grows on me) was trying a darker skin tone that really didn't work on her. But were honored to be included in your photo session all the same! :))
psn Karmikazee pawn Mist Agayn lvl 200 ranger
psn Karmislazee pawn Knot Agayn lvl 136 Sorcerer "Quality of posts may vary"

User Info: moseph187

3 months ago#20
Regis thanks

OPSC member

@EnormeMostro for 22,418RC Jewel of Time and 5/5/5 rating

Non OPSC members

Meatshield_Delux for 5,674RC

Azurah1984 for 102,296RC Throwblast and 5/5/5 rating

Zepherion_Ultima for 109,872RC Conqueror’s Periapt,Hoe and Putrid Dragon Scale and 3/3/3 rating

skyblazer82 for 48,604RC Rotten Scrag of Beast,Small Rank Fish and 3/3/3 rating

doej54718 for 127,966RC Conqueror’s Periapt and 4/4/5 rating

PeritongTuko for 22,594RC Scrag of Beast and 3/3/3 rating

M_DK_T for 44,705RC

yoyog271 for 31,165RC

Regis also says goodbye to Irkravatiz from @EnormeMostro and WinSum from @lyryn222 and thanks them for the help.
Here’s a few more https://imgur.com/a/WgDpr
PSN:Moseph187 Pawn:Milva lvl193 ranger
PSN:ALTarisen Pawn:Cahir lvl68 fighter PSN:GeraltOfGransys Pawn:Regis lvl65 mage PSN:Arisenkin Pawn:Enid lvl30 sorcerer
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